August 21, 2007 08:03 ET

CentricCRM and LoopFuse Integrate Prospect Scoring and Online Analytics With CRM to Reveal ROI on Sales and Marketing Activities

Open Source CRM and Campaign Tools Together Provide Capability to Measure Customer Interaction via Digital Channels, Score Sales Leads, and Measure ROI Within Marketing and Sales Activities

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 21, 2007) - CentricCRM, a leading developer of open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management, and Enterprise 2.0 technologies, and LoopFuse, an enterprise-grade open source solution for demand generation and closed-loop marketing, have integrated their software to provide users with the ability to track customers across digital channels, score sales leads, and measure ROI on corporate marketing initiatives.

LoopFuse was launched by two former JBoss and Red Hat developers in Spring 2007. The company has an open source solution that allows organizations to track customer activity on websites and via emails; score sales leads based on detailed data about customer behavior; handle lead-nurturing capabilities such as outbound communications; segment prospects along a variety of dimensions; and integrate marketing processes with major CRM solutions, including CentricCRM. This enables LoopFuse to provide the capability to score prospects for the sales team and measure ROI within marketing and sales activities.

The integration of LoopFuse with CentricCRM will allow corporate marketing departments to consolidate customer relationship history with online activity. For example the type of customer, role, buying behavior, and the type and frequency of contact with the organization, can be linked with behavioral activity in the sales process including marketing emails opened, links clicked, website pages accessed and products viewed. By joining up marketing and sales criteria and scoring each aspect, a cumulative score can be given which marks the 'sales potential' of each contact. Sales representatives can prioritize their time and efforts on those customers and prospects that will provide the greatest return. Once promising prospects have been identified, they can be seamlessly placed into a typical CRM-based workflow including pipeline management, quoting, and customer care.

The joint solution of CentricCRM and LoopFuse will allow marketers to fulfill the constant demand for qualified leads to sales teams, demonstrate return on investment to all levels of management, and deliver accurate statistics around all demand generation and customer management activities including email and internet marketing to help refine future marketing efforts.

Updated versions of both CentricCRM and LoopFuse that will deliver the integration will be available for download from the companies' websites within 45 days.

"At CentricCRM we constantly strive to provide our customers with value-added offerings that help them better acquire, service and retain their customers. Enhancing the customer experience is a key competitive differentiator for businesses of all sizes," said Michael Harvey, executive vice president at CentricCRM. "The integration of CentricCRM and LoopFuse creates an offering that gives marketers great control, and improves visibility, transparency and the ability to report on ROI, while continuing to provide the enterprise-class reliability and scalability our customers have come to expect from us. This is all about helping marketers close the loop and know which campaigns are successful and which prospects are likely to bring the greatest return to the company."

"At LoopFuse, we understand the value in customer relationship management and the role it plays in completing the sales cycle," said Roy Russo, Loop Fuse, CEO and co-founder. "LoopFuse helps tie together disparate systems that marketing and sales teams utilize. This integrated offering with CentricCRM will allow users to capture different leads, nurture them through the cycles and score qualifying leads -- while also capturing and reporting on the holy grail of marketing ROI."

About LoopFuse

LoopFuse is the provider of on-demand Web-based marketing and sales automation software. Its Open Source and software-as-a-service approach make it easy and affordable for marketers to create, automate and execute measurable multi-channel marketing campaigns. LoopFuse provides a robust suite of tools, such as Web Analytics, Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, and integration with major CRM vendors, that allows for a complete and measurable view of marketing campaigns and sales processes. For more information, visit

About CentricCRM

CentricCRM is the developer of two advanced enterprise-class open source business productivity applications, CentricCRM and Team Elements. Both are Java/J2EE-based web applications that run on virtually any standard platform, whether proprietary or open source. They have been in continuous development for almost seven years, share identical architectures, and are fully integrated.

CentricCRM's products are used today by Fortune 500 companies in large configurations and by thousands of smaller enterprises. CentricCRM includes all common CRM modules and adds capabilities such as Website Authoring, integrated Web Content Management, Document Management, Customer Surveys, and advanced Help Desk functions.

Team Elements delivers a complete Enterprise 2.0 team collaboration and community management suite. CentricCRM is a founding member of the Open Solutions Alliance and a member of the Red Hat Exchange (RHX). Among the investors in the company is Intel Capital. For more information, visit

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