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February 21, 2012 09:03 ET

Cenzic Introduces Application Security Intelligence to Combat New Mobile Application Threats

New Solution Secures Applications on Any Platform, Detects Hacker Exploits in Mobile Applications

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 21, 2012) - Cenzic Inc., the leading provider of application security intelligence to reduce security risks, today introduced a new application security intelligence™ service that secures mobile applications on all mobile platforms, via the cloud.

The new solution scans and provides risk mitigation recommendations for mobile applications with an emphasis on securing their back end web services. By protecting these mobile web services, Cenzic enables application developers and enterprises to effectively combat the next generation of mobile security attacks.

"Mobile applications have given us new ways to interact, play, and boost productivity, but they've also exposed a dark side," said John Weinschenk, CEO at Cenzic. "Hackers have sought to exploit the popularity of mobile applications due to their numbers and potential payoff. In the race to curtail these threats, many vendors have missed the mark by focusing exclusively on endpoint security -- securing the information on the mobile device itself. Back end services are the next frontier for hackers because they provide the biggest payoff. Compromising a mobile device gives them access to limited information, while compromising a back end service gives them access to potentially millions of records. The best way to thwart their efforts is for enterprises to secure all web services exposed to the Internet."

Cenzic's new mobile application security intelligence solution gives insight across all mobile applications and back end services, providing recommendations on how to reduce risks originating from specific applications, application developers, and businesses. Because of its cloud-based delivery method, Cenzic is the only company in the space that can provide complete remote black box testing for mobile applications without requiring source code or binaries.

"Research shows the threats associated with mobile app stores are concentrated around back end mobile web services," said John C. Mitchell, professor of computer science, Stanford University. "Vulnerabilities evolve even as deployed applications do not. Enterprises need to make sure all their web services for custom, cloud, and mobile applications are continuously scanned for vulnerabilities."

Professor Mitchell will be discussing recent research findings into security risks associated with Android mobile application marketplaces on Thursday, March 1, for more information visit:

Additional features of Cenzic's new mobile application security solution include:

  • Platform Independent Scanning - Cloud-based technology allows Cenzic to test the applications built on any platform, including iOS, Android, J2ME, and many more.
  • Device to Back End Server Communication Testing - Most companies only test the client source code to discover vulnerabilities in mobile applications. Cenzic tests the mobile application in action when it communicates sensitive user data to server, discovering sensitive data leakage, input validation, session and application logic related flaws.
  • Leveraging Common Architecture - Results delivery through secured dynamic web portal, providing users with report item drill down. Results can also be imported into the client's Cenzic Enterprise ARC Dashboard.

Cenzic's new mobile application security solution will be available in March 2012. Pricing starts at $7,000 per application per year. For more information, please visit:

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