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November 08, 2006 13:43 ET

CEO/President of GTXC -- Founding Company of Personal Location Services (PLS) Category -- to Address Cornell MBA Class

Chief Executive of Groudbreaking A-GPS Technology Firm to Share Real-World Experience With Cornell University MBA Class After Their Year-Long Project Analyzing His Company

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 8, 2006 -- Patrick Bertagna, CEO and President of GTXC (GTX Corporation), the Personal Location Services (PLS) company known worldwide for developing and commercializing miniaturized personal GPS tracking technologies -- including shoe-based and handheld satellite tracking products -- will address the Cornell Business students that are analyzing a case study that was developed over the past year at the university.

Mr. Bertagna's interaction and Q&A with the students will represent a novel real-world follow-up to a strategic marketing case study on GTXC supervised by Cornell Professor S.P. Raj. Professor Raj worked with Patrick Bertagna to identify a strategic business challenge that allowed students to analyze the innovative company, construct an accurate situational analysis, and deliver recommendations and insights on marketing, branding, pricing and consumer penetration. Mr. Frank O'Connell, a GTXC investor, former President of Reebok and Cornell alumnus, initially introduced Raj and his class to GTXC, while highlighting some of the key nuances involved.

Mr. Bertagna remarked, "These are the business leaders of tomorrow. We are pleased and proud to provide a real-world framework to help them learn and grow. I have been continuously impressed with their dedication, insights, and creative problem-solving abilities. As a follow-up to the Boston University survey on GTXC that was conducted earlier this year, certainly all of us at GTXC appreciate the innovative thinking that has come from these students and professors."

Professor Raj added, "GTXC was an ideal company to study. Leading-edge technology, a significant untapped market, and a complex business challenge. Additionally, they deliver products and services which are socially beneficial and quite altruistic."

GTXC is renowned worldwide for defining the category of Personal Location Services (PLS) by developing the world's first GPS location-reporting platform built into footwear. The company's patented solution links advanced A-GPS and cellular miniaturization technology with internet-based monitoring capabilities to provide accurate, real-time location and movement history to a wide range of users. Recently, GTXC announced that they have signed a licensing agreement with A-Trax Inc., aimed at providing miniaturized, waterproof personal tracking devices to governmental security agencies and consumer maritime enthusiasts. The innovative GTXC technology platform has ushered in a new category of portable, personal applications, including remote oversight of children and loved ones, security, exercise monitoring, real-time interactive games, and even extending to interaction with appliances and other household items. In addition to the marketplace opportunities, a number of major corporations have expressed interest in sponsorship and brand affiliation opportunities.

The patented shoe-based GTXC platform consists of miniaturized technology, which integrates GPS satellite tracking and cellular transmission capabilities into a robust chipset. Approximately the size of a matchbox, the GPS module is embedded in the sole of a shoe, continuously tracks location and movement history via existing satellite arrays, relays the information to a monitoring center through cellular networks, and uses a secure internet interface that allows subscribers to instantly pinpoint the current location of the targeted user on an interactive map. In addition, a detailed record of past movement history is also available. GeoFence™, another valuable feature, allows a "boundary" to be set for each wearer, sending alerts by e-mail and telephone if the boundary is breached, or if the device is inactive for a set period.

The GTXC maritime solution consists of a miniaturized A-GPS tracking device enclosed in a buoyant, waterproof, shock-resistant, clip-on housing, ideal for real-time tracking of governmental and homeland security employees. The device utilizes cellular transmission abilities and A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning Service) technology, an optimized, high-power enhancement of standard GPS capable of advanced location-finding abilities. A similar device will be made available to the consumer maritime market, intended to provide improved safety to recreational boaters and water enthusiasts.

ABOUT GTXC: GTXC (Global Trek Xploration Corporation) was founded in 2002 to develop and commercialize miniaturized GPS tracking and cellular location-transmitting technology into a wide variety of products. Their goal is to provide technical solutions that complement personal security, responsible caretaking, and remote oversight needs, while melding seamlessly into busy lifestyles. Based in Los Angeles, California, the privately held company has satellite offices in Lake Forest, California, and Pusan, Korea. More information can be obtained by contacting Patrick Bertagna, CEO, at (213) 489-3019 or, or by accessing the GTXC website at

ABOUT PROFESSOR RAJ: Professor S. P. Raj holds joint appointments at Cornell as a professor in the Department of Applied Economics and Management and at the Johnson Graduate School of Management. Previously, he was a distinguished professor of marketing at Syracuse University and served as senior associate dean for academic affairs in the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University for over 10 years. His research has been cited extensively and has received several prestigious awards. Raj earned a bachelor's degree with distinction in electronics engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras, India, and master's and PhD degrees in industrial administration from Carnegie-Mellon University. He can be contacted at

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