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March 12, 2010 09:03 ET

CEOs' Bullish Opinions on the Technology Sector

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA--(Marketwire - March 12, 2010) -

Technology being home of innovation, has for a long time created incredible opportunities for inventors and investors alike. With society's hunger for material well-being and businesses needs for increased efficiency ever-growing, products and services under this sector will always keep on flooding the markets one more innovative than the other. The business software and services industry can without doubt be categorized as one of the most fiercely competitive industry within the tech sector. Business software technology are primarily used in every firm no matter what the size, and these technologies very often assist companies to establish themselves as leaders within their sphere of business. Mathew Collier comments, "This is an industry that feeds on competition and requires competition-driven momentum to produce the goods & services their end-users demand from them, and by end-users we are simply looking at huge corporate from all sectors combined."

The team of researchers from investigates the technology sector looking for companies that are making the headlines and defying the norms, and two companies under their scrutiny today are Informatica Corporation (NASDAQ: INFA) and Ebix Inc. (NASDAQ: EBIX).

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CEOs of Informatica Corporation and Ebix Inc. share their bullish views and reasons why their companies performed well in 2009.

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Informatica Corporation provides enterprise data integration and data quality software and services in the United States and internationally. Its software handles various enterprise-wide data integration initiatives, including data warehousing, data migration, data consolidation, data synchronization, and data quality, as well as the establishment of data hubs, data services, cross-enterprise data exchange, and integration competency centers.

The firm has recently been awarded the honors as 'one of the best-run software companies in the world.'

"We've refocused the company with a clear mission to establish Informatica as the world's No. 1 independent leader in data integration. We have grown from the ETL category for data warehousing, which is short for "extract, transform and load" data. We now have the broadest offering, with five categories: data integration, data quality, B2B (business-to-business) data exchange, application information life cycle management and cloud computing data integration," said Informatica Corp CEO Sohaib Abbasi.

Ebix Inc. is a company that provides software and e-commerce solutions for the insurance industry primarily in North America, Australia, New Zealand, India, and Singapore. It focuses on the sale, customization, development, implementation, and support of insurance carrier system platforms.

Ebix's revenue for the year jumped 30.6 percent to $97.7 million, last Monday net income reached $38.8 million and earnings of $3.10 a share.

"These results demonstrate our ability to withstand difficult times in the industry and the economy. To come up with our best ever results in a year, which was easily considered the worst year in a decade for the insurance industry, makes this year's performance even more special for us. We believe that the story can get even better from here," said Robin Raina, Ebix chairman, president and CEO. Sign up now on to get more detailed review on Ebix Inc.

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