SOURCE: Chief Executive Magazine

August 23, 2007 13:37 ET

CEOs Pick Their Best and Worst Presidential Candidates for Business

Mitt Romney ® and Barack Obama (D) Take the Lead

MONTVALE, NJ--(Marketwire - August 23, 2007) - According to a recent survey by Chief Executive magazine, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is the best and Arizona Senator John McCain is the worst Republican presidential candidates for business, while Illinois Senator Barack Obama is the best and New York Senator Hillary Clinton is the worst Democratic presidential candidates for business.

The survey, which asked 258 C-level executives to vote for each party's presidential candidates regardless of their affiliation, found that 43 percent of the respondents rated Obama as the best Democratic candidate and 34 percent rated Romney as the best Republican candidate for business.

"Regardless of a CEO's party affiliation, the survey indicates that CEOs don't find any presidential candidate overwhelmingly inspiring at this time," said Edward M. Kopko, CEO of Chief Executive Group. "They are looking for real leadership and common sense solutions on important issues, such as tax, fiscal and energy policies, healthcare plans, and the war on terror rather than populist political rhetoric."

Voicing their dismay over the heightened partisanship on the Hill, leaders underscored the fact that "politics instead of government was not smart."

"We are in the grips of a very polarized political situation where nothing gets done, as the two parties spend their energy in posturing and trying to gain advantage for 2008. I do not see anyone on either side making significant changes to this situation post-2008," said Robert W. Zinnecker of Zinnecker Consulting Services.

As business leaders' confidence in both parties seems to dwindle, the survey also revealed an unexpected finding: thirty-three percent of CEOs align themselves with "independents."

"The Democrats have become the party of unrest and seem committed to destroying the country as we know it with unfettered immigration, and the Republicans have lost their backbone and conservative tenets. We need a strong Independent candidate [not Bloomberg] who can provide fiscal leadership at home and abroad," said one CEO.

When asked about the issues that are most important during this election, 35 percent of business leaders responded that the single most important issue was the war on terror, with overall tax policy and healthcare policy coming second and third, respectively. That said, survey respondents also indicated that the issues that will drive their decision for the next presidential candidate may not reflect what they consider to be the most important issues for America. In fact, business leaders indicated they favor certain positions by opposing party candidates, which could result in cross party affiliation and heighten the need for an independent candidate to enter the Presidential race.

Kopko added, "Contrary to vastly oversimplified depictions in the media and by certain politicians, the CEO community is a diverse group when it comes to political issues. They do not suffer from the debilitating partisanship that keeps many people from honest and productive political discourse."

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With which party would you affiliate yourself in the upcoming presidential

Democratic                                                              13%
Independent                                                             33%
Republican                                                              54%

Of each of the candidates from the major parties who do you think would be
the best and worst for American business?

Best Democrat                                                  Barack Obama
Worst Democrat                                              Hillary Clinton
Best Republican                                                 Mitt Romney
Worst Republican                                                John McCain

What issues are most important for you in this election?

War on Terror / Iraq                                                    35%
Trade Policy                                                             3%
Overall Tax Policy                                                      17%
Healthcare Policy                                                       12%
Fiscal Policy                                                           11%
Entitlements (Social Security & Medicare/Medicaid)                       9%
Energy Policy                                                           10%
Education                                                                1%
Defense                                                                  3%

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