September 27, 2011 06:07 ET

CERATECH Releases Highly Engineered Cements for Industrial Applications -- Sets Sights on Establishing Leadership in High Performance Concrete Market

CERATECH, Inc. Has Released a Full Line of Cements That Establish New Performance and Durability Standards in Industrial Markets; Family of Cement Solutions Delivers Superior Mechanical Strength and Greater Thermal and Corrosion Resistance When Compared to Traditional Materials Used to Support Industrial Applications

ALEXANDRIA, VA--(Marketwire - Sep 27, 2011) - CERATECH, the manufacturer of high-performance cements for durable concrete in extreme conditions, has released a line of cements blended specifically for severe industrial and chemical processing environments. All product lines resist both extreme temperature and corrosive materials far better than conventional portland cement. KEMROK cement produces a highly corrosion-resistant structural concrete for exposure to severe chemicals. FIREROK excels in high-temperature environments, withstanding exposure to intermittent high temperature loads of up to 1850°F (1000°C). ekkomaxx200 is a general use cement that provides a concrete possessing moderate heat and corrosion resistance, but at a reduced cost.

Gulf Sulphur Services of Galveston, Texas, recently constructed sulphur trenches to contain highly corrosive materials at temperatures above 200˚F. A portion of the trenches were built with KEMROK™ concrete and others with traditional, expensive Type V portland cement concrete. "After nine months, the surface was already falling off the Type V product, but the KEMROK concrete looked like the day we poured it," said Project Manager Tony Worthen. "You need a durable concrete that withstands hydrogen sulfide (H2S) exposure in the vapor zone, and thermal shocks in the trenches. Some other products will do these things individually, but we have never found anything that excels in both areas as well as KEMROK," he explained.

CERATECH's cements are based on a unique chemistry, one that is dramatically different from that of portland cement. Portland cement concrete contains large amounts of calcium hydroxide and calcium silicate gel, which tend to shrink and dissolve in the presence of heat and caustic materials. CERATECH's cements are largely free of these calcium compounds, and are comprised of much finer particles that produce a dense, low-permeability concrete that resists penetration from corrosive liquids and moisture. Yet, according to frequent user Roger Simons, Owner of Widgeon Construction in Orange, Texas, "The pouring and installation go about the same as they do with regular portland cement concrete."

"CERATECH's innovative cement system produces a highly durable concrete that can be used for virtually any industrial repair or new construction application," said CERATECH CEO, Jon Hyman. "We are seeing great interest and new sales from across a broad range of industrial users including: chemical processing, metals, petroleum processing, foods, pulp and paper, agriculture, and fertilizer, as well as wastewater containment and aircraft manufacturing facilities. In all of these applications, our cement will produce concrete with a longer life cycle. It maintains its original condition much longer than ordinary concrete without painstaking and costly measures like epoxy coatings. As a result, there is much less material and infrastructure maintenance. That saves a lot of money, both on reduced repair costs and by avoiding lost production time," he added.

All CERATECH cements consist of 95 percent recycled and 5 percent renewable materials, and are virtually carbon-neutral. They support achieving multiple credits under the widely-used LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program and other environmental rating systems. They are available both in bulk and as a packaged concrete repair mix.

About CERATECH, Inc.:
Founded in 2001, with executive offices in Alexandria, Virginia, and research and development based in Baltimore, Maryland, CERATECH, Inc. has pioneered and commercialized advanced high performing cements using proprietary new chemistry. CERATECH's cement system produces a range of superior concretes fitting every application. More information about CERATECH and their products can be viewed on the company's website at

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