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December 20, 2010 09:00 ET

Cerebyte Inc. Offers Business Tips for Success in the New Year

Four Easy-to-Implement Strategies Focus on Strengthening Leadership and Corporate Culture as Path to Increased Success in 2011

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwire - December 20, 2010) -  Cerebyte Inc., a professional services and software firm that helps Fortune 500 companies establish and facilitate best practices by integrating advances in technology, neuroscience and management decision-making, shares its top business tips to achieve success in 2011. The four-phased strategy is based on the book, Strategy to Action in 10 Days: Creating High Performance Organizations by Cerebyte co-founders William Seidman and Michael McCauley. The business book provides a proven methodology based on recent scientific breakthroughs that any company can use to create a high-performing workforce.

Set the Bar and Identify Your Stars
Use top-performing personnel, known as "positive deviants," to define the desired attitude and behavior for the organization as a whole. These star players exhibit behavior that is outside the norm for the workforce, but is beneficial to the organization. Positive deviants are the most influential leaders who are highly respected for their track records of success.

Motivate Change
Articulate the positive deviant's objective in a concise, high-energy statement that defines the greater social good of the organization. This statement focuses on customer connection as the catalyst for improved performance.

When presented well, the motivational statement engages personnel causing them to see themselves as critical contributors to the organization's overall success. In turn, by writing down their own personalized, positive images of the defined statement, personnel become more receptive to new ideas and learn them more quickly, while their natural resistance to change is suppressed.

Sustain the Change
Frequent application of the new behaviors and attitudes to real situations is imperative to long-term success and sustained learning. People must consciously practice to enhance this skill.

Scale the Change
For large organizations, enough people must be engaged in the shortest amount of time to generate a "buzz" and ensure that others follow suit. Persuasive technology gives organizations the capability to improve the performance of many people at once.

Leadership is Key
The co-founder of Cerebyte, William Seidman, believes that in response to the post-recession business climate companies will be driven to invest more resources in leadership development and training. Seidman also specifically notes that developing a sustained transformational leadership capability is a core competency required for companies to grow out of the recession and regain a competitive edge.

"Leadership during the recession was all about cutting costs, being conservative and surviving," said William Seidman, co-founder of Cerebyte. "Very little was tried and very little was done to develop organizations or improve performance. Now however, as companies begin to emerge from the recession, they are realizing that two years of meaningful productivity gains have been lost and will look for leaders who can bring them into new areas and achieve increased performance."

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Cerebyte Inc. is a Portland, Ore.-based company that helps businesses achieve extraordinary performance in as little as 10 days. By integrating advances in technology, neuroscience and management decision-making, Cerebyte helps companies identify and deploy best practices and other forms of organizational culture change. The Cerebyte approach utilizes the latest research in positive deviance, fair process, neuroscience and mass customization. With a strong scientific foundation, Cerebyte optimizes organizational performance faster and more completely than ever before. More information about Cerebyte is available at: