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November 16, 2011 09:17 ET

Cerion Energy's Ground Breaking GO2 Diesel Fuel Additive Wins Most ECO-Friendly Product in the DAME Awards 2011

ROCHESTER, NY--(Marketwire - Nov 16, 2011) - Cerion Energy's ground breaking GO2 (pronounced "Go Two") Diesel Fuel Additive, which is being exhibited at METS this year by ECOsuperyacht, the product's exclusive European distributor in the yachting market, has been awarded Most ECO-Friendly Product in the DAME Awards 2011.

GO2 is a cutting edge nanoparticle-based diesel fuel combustion additive that provides a significant improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in emissions for all types, sizes and ages of marine diesel engine. GO2 enables owners to dramatically reduce the impact of their yacht's engines on the environment, whilst enjoying significant financial savings from increased fuel economy and improved enjoyment due to reduced soot and exhaust smells.

Bruce Brown, Vice President of Yacht Sales for Cerion Energy: "Our team has been very pleased with the rapid adoption of GO2 by the yachting industry. There are many different additives that are marketed to the yachting industry. The fact that GO2 was developed by some of the best material scientists in the world (formerly of Eastman Kodak) is what sets us apart from competitors. The DAME Award for Most ECO-Friendly Product represents further validation of the dramatic effect our product is having on the industry. We thank the judges as well as the early adopters of GO2 who have blazed the trail for our success."

Says Richard Franklin, Managing Director of ECOsuperyacht: "We are delighted that GO2 has received this prestigious award and applaud the judges for identifying GO2's ability to offer a highly effective means of improving fuel economy and reducing the environmental impact of yachting, both of which are persistent 'hot button' issues for the industry."

A team from ECOsuperyacht (European distributors of GO2) will be on stand 10.421 in the Superyacht Pavilion to answer questions and to explain how GO2 can help yachts to save both money and the environment. They will also have an interactive display to explain how GO2 works, to illustrate the benefits of using GO2 and to explain supply and pricing arrangements.

GO2 is available in North America and the Caribbean from Cerion Energy and in Europe from ECOsuperyacht.

About GO2

GO2 is a nanoparticle based Diesel Fuel Additive which, when added to diesel fuel, reduces fuel consumption by 8 to 14%, particulate matter (soot) by 30 to 40%, unburned hydrocarbons (fuel odour) by 50 to 70%, and other harmful emissions (CO2) by 20 to 40%.

The nanoparticles in GO2 act as oxygen couriers by contributing and redistributing oxygen in the combustion chamber, while also accelerating the rate of combustion. In doing this, a faster, more powerful, and more complete burn occurs which requires less fuel for the same work output required of the engine. Through this process, GO2 reverses the effects of carbon build-up on the cylinder wall, while simultaneously decreasing CO2, unburned hydrocarbons, and particulate matter (soot) produced during normal operation.

About Cerion Energy:

Cerion Energy, which developed and manufactures GO2, is a division of Cerion Enterprises and was founded in 2007 to bring nanotechnology and related technologies, including technologically advanced fuel additives, to a broad range of markets. GO2 was developed by a team of scientists and entrepreneurs formerly with Eastman Kodak.


About ECOsuperyacht:

ECOsuperyacht is a specialist in fuel efficiency and emissions reductions for yachts. It is the exclusive distributor of GO2 in Europe for the yachting sector.

Richard Franklin, the company's Managing Director, will be available throughout the show to answer questions.


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