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February 15, 2011 15:29 ET

Certeon Announces Version 4.0 of the aCelera Software-Based Application Performance Solution

Integrated WAN Optimization Capabilities and Network Visibility Enables Ubiquitous Fast and Secure Application Access

BURLINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - February 15, 2011) - Certeon, the application performance company, today announced version 4.0 of its aCelera WAN optimization software, introducing content-aware de-duplication and advanced reporting capabilities for enhanced performance monitoring and visibility. aCelera 4.0 enables businesses to distribute their applications and data globally, whether in an enterprise private cloud or a provider's public cloud, while creating instant application availability for users, across any network, on any device. aCelera also allows enterprises to move large data sets across the WAN, for example in a network backup or replication environment, faster while using less bandwidth.

aCelera 4.0 introduces new content aware de-duplication technology, delivering consistent superior performance with no long-term degradation as experienced by typical WAN optimization appliances. Certeon's de-duplication technology is able to separate the data being transferred from the application's encapsulation, enhancing history disk utilization and removing more bits from the wire. Certeon is the only provider in the application performance market that delivers this level of de-duplication with a single-instance store approach. 

With aCelera 4.0's new performance monitoring dashboard, customers can actively see what is running on their network and the benefits of the acceleration software, including how much data has been reduced and how much bandwidth has been saved. It also allows customers to identify WAN bottlenecks by seeing which applications are consuming the most amount of traffic. 

"We were using an EqualLogic SAN to replicate business intelligence applications, but it was taking five to six days to complete the back up across the WAN," said Dan Tesch, Director of IT, Leapfrog Online. "As soon as we installed Certeon's aCelera 4.0, we got EqualLogic's SAN replication down to one day, which was a big win for us. A lot of that, we attribute to Certeon's unique content aware de-duplication technology. Also, because aCelera is a virtual appliance that doesn't require any proprietary hardware, we were able to download and install the software in just a matter of minutes."

"With aCelera 4.0, we're continuing to push the benchmark for application performance and what it means for a WAN optimization solution to be truly scalable and cost-effective across all of a company's offices," said Peter Dougherty, Certeon co-founder and CEO. "Our approach towards de-duplication will change the way customers look at performance, and prove further that the performance capabilities our software solution excels compared to traditional hardware appliances. With aCelera 4.0, we are delivering the ubiquitous, secure and optimized access to enterprises' global data that only a software-based solution can make a reality."

Additional new features in aCelera 4.0 include:

  • VRRP Support
    • Provides flexible, fault tolerant deployment option suited for virtual environments where a hardware bypass card or WCCP cannot be used
  • Outlook Anywhere MAPI Acceleration
    • Acceleration for the most common deployment method for Outlook / Exchange. Supports both Outlook over HTTP or HTTPS
  • Improved performance on aCelera Hyper-V
    • Enhanced throughput capabilities for the Hyper-V platform allowing for data center class deployments

All aCelera products, including aCelera VA, aCelera Sync, aCelera Client and the aCelera Central Management System (CMS) will automatically be updated to 4.0 and continue to include central management functionalities at no additional cost. To learn more about the additional features of aCelera 4.0, such as new Outlook Anywhere support for MAPI blueprints, visit

About Certeon
Certeon is the application performance company. Certeon provides a software-based WAN optimization solution, aCelera, that delivers fast and secure data transfer for any user accessing any application, on any device, across any network. Because aCelera is a second-generation solution and architected to run as a virtual appliance or as native software, it is the only solution that can provide the performance and scalability of hardware appliances at half of the cost and across the entire enterprise. Organizations use aCelera to cut IT costs, accelerate applications and cloud services, reduce bandwidth utilization, improve remote employee productivity, and speed up network backup and disaster recovery.

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