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December 16, 2009 11:18 ET

Certified Cyber Solutions Partners With dopplerVUE to Manage "Smart Home" Cybersecurity and Network Operations

Customization Capabilities Make dopplerVUE the OEM Choice for Data Collection and Display

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - December 16, 2009) - What happens when a disgruntled employee of the company that installed your high-end audio/video (A/V) or home security system quits and takes the network passwords with him?

That's just one of the problems facing both system resellers and homeowners as residential networks proliferate. The challenge becomes especially acute in today's high-end "smart homes" where data networks are joined by home security and advanced A/V systems. Challenges that businesses have faced for years -- such as cybersecurity and network uptime -- are now coming to the home to roost, so to speak.

Certified Cyber Solutions (CCS) is tackling these challenges head-on, through a new product called SAM (Secure Access Management) that will be sold to installers and resellers of residential systems that employ IP networks, such as audio/video, home security and "smart home" systems. SAM will allow these businesses to better protect their residential customers from cyber threats and offer revenue-generating, value-added services on top of network and security monitoring. Today, Kratos (NASDAQ: KTOS) and CCS announced that CCS has selected dopplerVUE from Kratos as the core interface and network monitoring platform that will enable SAM.

dopplerVUE® is a real-time network and IT data monitoring solution that delivers enterprise-grade management features in a clear, easy-to-use dashboard that can be implemented in networks of any size. Its unique architecture allows maximum flexibility to customize data collection and data display, making it uniquely suitable as an OEM solution for hardware and software manufacturers who need an uptime monitoring, diagnosis, cybersecurity and compliance component to their products.

"We wanted a platform that first of all would close the cybersecurity holes that have opened up through the growth of system resellers interconnecting their systems through the home network," explained Russ Pritchard, co-founder and CEO of CCS, "especially protecting against liability due to unmanaged access."

The second key need was a platform that could manage atypical elements. Not only does dopplerVUE monitor network devices such as routers, switches and servers, but the solution can also integrate IP-enabled devices used in A/V solutions, security systems and even "smart" lighting and appliances.

"Our customers need one view into a variety of components," said Pritchard. "And since their employees are usually not networking gurus, they need the information presented in a way that makes interpreting problems and solutions easy. dopplerVUE's user interface and customizable dashboards made it the best solution for our users."

As part of the agreement, dopplerVUE will be packaged with SAM as the monitoring platform and user interface. Financial terms were not disclosed, however Kratos said the agreement includes a combination of services and licensing revenue. The first SAM systems that include dopplerVUE are due for limited availability release this month with general availability expected in January 2010.

"This is an exciting partnership for us," said Mike Smith, General Manager of the Kratos Network Products group. "CCS has an innovative solution for a growing challenge in a booming market. It is exactly the kind of problem we built dopplerVUE to help solve."

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dopplerVUE® is an easy-to-use management solution that delivers power and flexibility once available only in enterprise-grade products, especially in increasingly complex, changing environments that include net-centered applications like e-mail and VoIP, mission-critical websites, Wi-Fi, remote office subnets and more. dopplerVUE uses built-in collectors to automate network discovery, polling and collecting data across the network, keeping network maps and inventory refreshed and updated. Its newly designed user interface, vivid graphics and intelligent visualization tools provide an intuitive and clear front-end display.

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