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July 11, 2013 15:43 ET

CF50 -- Global Think Tank for Crowdfunding Leadership

Leaders Across the World Cultivate a Sustainable International Crowdfunding System

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - July 11, 2013) -  As crowdfunding becomes a viable capital-raising tool for startups worldwide, fifty leaders in the crowdfunding industry are uniting to create a think tank for the advancement of a global crowdfunding ecosystem. CF50 is a global nonprofit invite-only membership organization consisting of industry professionals, portal CEOs, academics, and policy makers who will carefully deliberate the direction crowdfunding takes as it becomes an internationally widespread practice. The recent lifting of the ban on general solicitation by the U.S. highlights the recent movements towards the democratization of capital formation.

The organization will convene at an annual global conference in which leaders are able to discuss highlighted issues and the future of crowdfunding. CF50 announced today that its leadership will consist of:

"CF50 represents the world's leaders coming together to create a fruitful and safe ecosystem for crowdfunding," said Sang Lee, Executive Director of CF50. "The exchange of thoughts that take place will be invaluable to the sustainability and international growth of crowdfunding."

"The synthesis of global leadership that CF50 has harnessed is indicative of the power of global crowd wisdom. Its timeliness is perfect as crowdfunding globally has accelerated greatly and is moving to the leadership position," stated Vince Molinari.

CF50's global leadership is further pronounced by the presence of two of its executive committee international members.

"In Europe we continue to develop the crowdfunding ecosystem through open discourse and exemplary political will focused on innovation, job creation and sustainable global competitiveness. The aim of CF50 fits well into this vision. To join this non-partial, dynamic dialogue will be a unique and enriching experience," added Oliver Gajda.

"As an independent group that can benefit from the input of many world leaders, CF50 can contribute to the correct and sustainable development of the ecosystem by researching and brainstorming its impact in a connected world," concluded Daniela Castrataro.

The first iteration of the conference will likely take place early 2014.

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