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September 11, 2007 15:35 ET

CFdesign Gives Elster Kromschroeder Clear Picture of Gas Flow

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwire - September 11, 2007) - For the past decade, the German company Elster Kromschroeder, the global market leader for bellows gas meters, has had a secret weapon that helps the company continually drive innovation: CFdesign upfront CFD software from Blue Ridge Numerics.

Elster credits CFdesign for giving engineers a clear picture of gas flow efficiency early in the product development process. According to development engineer Klaus Midding, three factors make CFdesign an essential tool for Elster:

-- ability to transfer native geometry directly from the CoCreate OneSpace modeler;

-- automated tools that don't require CFD expertise, but provide solutions to complex problems; and

-- testing results that invariably agree with those from the test bench.

CFdesign has helped Elster bring gas flow optimization from the background into the forefront of the development process. Elster engineers can evaluate flow early in the design process, making geometry changes in CoCreate and seeing their immediate effects in CFdesign. They can also see what's happening inside the valve, flaps and control systems -- important functionality not visible from the test bench.

"Our integrated process [with CoCreate and CFdesign] taps the potential of a higher number of evaluated solutions and brings the most effective one to production in a much shorter time," says Midding. "Often only one physical prototype is sufficient for validating the construction."

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