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July 12, 2005 09:30 ET

CFdesign v8.0 Expands, Strengthens Upfront CFD Platform, Category Leadership

New Levels of Process Automation and Integrated Intelligence Empower Design Engineers With Associative, Cutting Edge Simulation Tools

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- July 12, 2005 -- Disrupting the low-end/ high-end classifications often assigned to CFD software, Blue Ridge Numerics announced today the commercial availability of CFdesign® v8.0, full-spectrum fluid flow and heat transfer simulation that dramatically simplifies access to an expanded suite of cutting edge analysis capabilities to accelerate and economize product development.

Intended for use by multi-tasking engineers that do not have the time or inclination to make a career of CFD, CFdesign v8.0 contains breakthrough simulation, visualization, and collaboration tools. Full details and images are available at

"This release of CFdesign marks another milestone in the evolution of the upfront CFD category," stated Blue Ridge Numerics president, Ed Williams. "The advanced process automation and integrated intelligence further simplifies the user experience and allows on-demand access to the industry's most comprehensive flow and thermal digital prototyping environment during the upfront design process. We take to heart da Vinci's view that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

Solution Automation

An example of process automation in v8.0 is the Automated Solution Center which includes Intelligent Solver Selection™ and Intelligent Solution Control™ capabilities to automatically select appropriate solvers from dozens of options, monitor and assess solution convergence during the numerical calculation phase of the simulation, and ultimately determine when simulation results are complete and reliable, removing the burden for engineers to be expert in traditional CFD subject matters.

Intelligent Solver Selection

Model attributes such as the aspect ratio of the flow passages, the number of flow passages, and the overall length of the device all play a role in solver selection. Using condition numbers and multiple parameters in the coefficient matrix, CFdesign intelligently selects the solver best suited for the job.

Intelligent Solution Control

By employing elements of control theory to examine the trends of each degree of freedom, CFdesign v8.0 automatically adjusts the convergence controls and the time step size to attain an optimal solution. If the solution is changing very quickly, progress is automatically slowed to maintain stability. When the solution is stable, CFdesign accelerates the calculation and then stops the analysis when a reliable solution is achieved.

Motion-Driven & Flow-Driven Automation

The v8.0 Motion Module uses process templates, a motion editing station, and kinematics preview window to simplify access of new flow-driven motion analysis capabilities. In addition to setting up rotating and translating motion, quick work can be made of projects that involve sliding vane pump motion, nutating motion, orbital motion, and custom scenarios involving a combination of angular and linear motion. The addition of spring resistance and external driving analysis models further expands the scope of flow-driven applications. Once the "Go" button is pushed, integrated intelligence automatically determines and modifies the time step size for current flow conditions, significantly reducing user responsibility during the simulation phase while improving accuracy.

Meshing Automation

CFdesign v8.0 includes a real-time mesh estimator that gives the user an idea of computer memory requirements prior to initiating the simulation. Applications with intensive mesh generating requirements are now effectively addressed with integrated intelligence that drives an automated Part-by-Part meshing process which ensures solutions are achieved for complex applications without user involvement even when computer hardware is less than optimal.

Further reducing hardware requirements of automatic meshing while adding detail to the simulation, the new Surface Parts feature is ideal for thin, 2-D surfaces common in component- and board-level electronics, sheet metal enclosures, fan blades, etc. Surface parts significantly reduce mesh requirements while acting as active heat contributors and resistors.

More New Features

Expanding and strengthening the Blue Ridge Numerics Upfront CFD solution
platform, CFdesign v8.0 delivers advancements in six key areas: MCAD
Interoperability, Mesh Generation, Simulation Scope, Simulation Speed,
Design Review, and Project Collaboration. Here is a detailed list of new

MCAD Interoperability
   --  Associative integration with Autodesk Inventor, CATIA V5,
       Pro/ENGINEER, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, UGS NX
   --  CAD-named Parts in the CFdesign Feature Tree
   --  CAD Mouse Navigation
Mesh Generation
   --  Real-time Mesh Size Estimator
   --  Surface Parts
   --  Automated Part-by-Part Meshing
   --  Mesh & Analysis Export for CAE and CFD applications

Simulation Scope
   --  Base Analysis Package
       --  Local wall roughness
       --  Diffusion Coefficient
       --  Low Reynolds Turbulence Model
       --  Expanded Loss Resistance Model

   --  Advanced Analysis Module
       --  Expanded Joule Heating model
       --  Expanded Compressible Liquid model
       --  Transference of FEA Loads in Multiple Time Steps
   --  Motion Module
       --  Flow-Driven
       --  Orbital
       --  Nutating Disk
       --  Combined Linear and Angular
       --  Sliding Vane Pump
       --  Automatic and Adaptive Time Step
       --  External Driving and Spring Resistance Models

Simulation Speed
   --  Automated Solution Center
       --  Intelligent Solver Selection
       --  Intelligent Solution Control

Design Review
   --  Particle Trace Resident Time
   --  Enhanced Massed Particle Traces
   --  Non-planar Cutting Surfaces
   --  Cutting Surface Morphing
   --  Exterior Surface Probing
   --  Bulk Output of Multiple Simulation Results

Project Collaboration
   --  Automatic 3D Interactive Report Publishing
   --  Simulation Annotation
   --  Ultra Portable Dynamic Images
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