SOURCE: Canadian Football League

Canadian Football League

SOURCE: Precision Weather Solutions

Precision Weather Solutions

November 25, 2015 13:45 ET

CFL Relies on Precision Weather Solutions for Player & Fan Grey Cup Experience

Immediate and Accurate Weather Makes the Difference

WINNIPEG, MB--(Marketwired - November 25, 2015) - At this year's Grey Cup game, the Canadian Football League (CFL) will be relying on Precision Weather Solutions (PWS) and their network connecting on-site weather stations that provide precise, site-specific weather conditions, tracking and forecasting, so that the CFL delivers the best football experience to their players, fans, staff and event volunteers.

Since the first kickoff more than 100 years ago, rain, wind, lightning and snow are just some of the conditions that have affected the championship game. While Canadians are some of the hardiest and most dedicated football fans around -- many can recall the 1962 "Fog Bowl" at Toronto's Exhibition Stadium, or the coldest (1991) and warmest games on record (1988) -- it is important to the CFL to be able to track changing weather conditions to ensure the safety of everyone, both on the field and in the stands.

PWS installed weather stations as part of its network at all open stadiums home to CFL teams across the country. Weather conditions are observed in real-time and produce immediate, customized alerts and accurate precision weather forecasts. Using these PWS and the CFL can make informed decisions to give teams and fans the ultimate CFL experience.

Guy Ash, Chief Meteorologist for PWS, draws on more than 25 years of experience to provide the CFL with accurate weather forecast assessments and advice for game days including the championship event. "The technology available through PWS is light years from what meteorologists previously relied on to track weather for events. Working with the CFL and football clubs, I monitor site-specific data transmitted from weather stations and sensors installed at each stadium to deliver reliable real-time current conditions and Precision Location Forecasting that is updated 24 times per day, compared to conventional regional forecasting offered a few times each day." Ash says these tools allows PWS to work with clients and provide actual, on-the-ground weather conditions that is continuously adjusted or tuned for the specific application or situation.

"PWS delivers the critical, on-site and real-time weather conditions and forecast before and during the game, so that staff can make sound decisions to ensure that everyone, especially our teams and fans, can come to the game prepared and feeling secure in the knowledge that the CFL and their football clubs are providing the safest and most enjoyable football experience possible," says Ryan Janzen, Director, Football Operations for the CFL.

Kelly Keith, Director of Security and Volunteers with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers agrees that safety is a critical part of the management of the football games and many other events that happen throughout the year at Investors Group Field. "Only PWS, through their weather stations and web-based GIS platform, can track total lightning strikes along with other potentially damaging weather conditions, including high winds to provide real-time alerts specific to our venue. We know and can prepare in advance for what might impact our fans, staff, players and entertainers, and that's so important to our business."

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Precision Weather Solutions delivers the most accurate, real-time, site-specific and cost-effective meteorological solutions available so that customers can make the best business decisions possible.

Precision Weather Solutions offers full-service customized and comprehensive meteorological solutions in response to the growing global market of businesses that rely on one of the largest, most accurate and fastest meteorological networks on earth and growing -- from single-site installations, to the creation of multi-thousand site meteorological networks.


Chief Meteorologist Guy Ash has more than 25 years of experience in meteorology and climatology, which includes serving as the Agricultural Meteorologist for the Province of Manitoba and for the Canadian Wheat Board. His career includes time spent as a university professor and a researcher, and weather station networking manager. Ash has developed solutions in agronomic modelling, decision support tools, remote sensing, monitoring and forecasting, and meteorological networking. In addition to his work in agriculture, he provides consultation for professional sports teams including the CFL, special events and film production, as well as for recreation. Ash works with a team of trained professional technicians who install weather stations and a wide range of sensors. Weather stations and sensors are installed to Precision Weather Solutions' standards, which follow World Meteorological Organization guidelines, and are sited for accurate measurement and data collection. Professional installation and siting is the critical difference and value in ensuring that the collection of weather data is accurate.


Weather directly or indirectly impacts every person and every industry, every day. Corporations and organizations engage Precision Weather Solutions to facilitate informed decisions that make their operations more profitable, safer and less vulnerable to changes in the weather. Clients that rely on PWS for security and profitability range from sports and entertainment venues and event organizers, to agriculture, construction, as well as insurance and liability agencies. For example, utilities are collating the rise and fall of temperature for capacity forecasting to match it against expected public demand for energy. Across North America and around the globe, cities, communities and businesses rely on PWS tools and technology, such as online dashboards and GIS mapping, to deliver accurate, science-based solutions accessible from any internet-enabled device.

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