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September 25, 2009 12:35 ET

CG/LA Announced Infrastructure Project of the Year Awards at the North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum

Senator Menendez Links Infrastructure Investment & Greatness

WASHINGTON, DC--(Marketwire - September 25, 2009) - The North American Strategic Infrastructure Leadership Forum was inaugurated by Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) who emphasized that "we have a history of showing how infrastructure can create long-term economic opportunity, and greatness, and we need to return to that history once again so that that greatness can be achieved." Yesterday, the Leadership Forum concluded successfully with the presentation of Infrastructure Project of the Year awards.

The Forum brought the most important infrastructure projects in North America to Washington, D.C., representing nearly $400 billion in new investment and having the potential to put 6 million people to work. "The focus is on tripling the level of investment in infrastructure, so that our country quickly creates jobs, and becomes sustainably productive and competitive immediately," said Norman F. Anderson, President & CEO of CG/LA Infrastructure. Virginia was named Infrastructure State of the Year during the Leadership Forum; Pierce Homer, Virginia Secretary of Transportation, accepted the award for the Commonwealth and stressed that success in project development is always a partnership between the private and public sectors, requiring extraordinary leadership, persistence and resourcefulness.


Over a three-month period CG/LA rigorously selected the Top 100 infrastructure projects in North America. The objective of the Leadership Forum's Five Project of the Year awards is to publicize the extraordinary infrastructure projects that are being undertaken around the country, and that should serve as models for a radically expanded infrastructure vision and ambitious 're-build America' program.

1. Opportunity/Job Creation Project of the Year - ARC Tunnel, New Jersey, $8.7 Billion

Infrastructure is an extraordinary job creator, the winning project will be the project designed to create the most direct and indirect jobs -- as well as the greatest opportunities for local businesses over the next 3-5 years. The project will be visionary in terms of its job creation potential.

2. Competitiveness Project of the Year - National Gateway, Regional, $750 Million

Given that infrastructure generates enormous economic competitiveness and that North America shows a long-term trend for underinvestment in infrastructure, this award identifies that project which contributes most to the region's capacity for global competitiveness.

3. Engineering Project of the Year - ARC Tunnel, New Jersey, $8.7 Billion

This category will award the project that best demonstrates the professional excellence of North American engineering, focusing on challenging projects that will generate 20-30 years of enhanced competitiveness.

4. Finance Project of the Year - I-495 HOT Lanes, Virginia, $1.4 Billion

The prize is awarded to the project that has been able to best channel multi-source funding into its structure, creating a replicable model for North America, across all infrastructure categories.

5. Green/New Infrastructure Project of the Year - Two Winners in this Category

--  Empire State Building Modernization, New York, $20 Million
--  Sunrise Power, California, $1.9 Billion

This category recognizes the project that promises a new level of leadership in terms of the design and/or financing of Green/New Infrastructure projects. The winning project, and its sponsors, will have designed a project that will provide a roadmap forward.

CG/LA Infrastructure LLC, the world leader in strategic infrastructure project identification and development, created the Leadership Forum in order to increase the quality and velocity of infrastructure project development -- by bringing project sponsors together with key players including: public policy and political decision-makers; financial executives; engineering/construction firms; and equipment/technology firms.

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