Certified General Accountants of Ontario

Certified General Accountants of Ontario

March 13, 2008 15:39 ET

CGA Ontario's Winning Contest Reaps Big Rewards for Students

Currently registered students at Ontario colleges and universities can participate in CGA Ontario's second annual One-Hour Accounting Contest on March 19.

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - March 13, 2008) - In less than a week the Certified General Accountants of Ontario rolls out its second annual one-hour, online accounting contest. Students are asked to register in advance, then point their school or home computers to the contest on Wednesday, March 19th at 4 p.m. Prizes awarded in the two-tier competition total $50,000 (a combination of cash and tuition credits) to six winners: two tiers of first, second and third prize winners. Designed to allow as much access as possible to current Ontario post-secondary students, the contest is perfect for young adults who have a head for accounting and finance, combined with a competitive spirit and concentration skills.

Last year, emerging from a pool of more than 1,800 registrants was a victorious Adele McGee, first-place winner in the Tier 1 competition. A student at the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University she explains, "It was a busy time with midterms, assignments and group work, but the chance to win a cash prize from the comfort of my own home seemed too good to be true. I could register and participate in the contest without hassle or giving up a lot of time-it was a no-lose opportunity!"

McGee admits to not doing any additional training for the contest, as she felt from the overview it was in line with her second-year courses. "I figured I'd take my chances with knowledge learned from my intermediate accounting classes. I didn't feel particularly stressed during the contest, as I didn't really have anything on the line-there wasn't a registration fee or travel, so if I didn't place I wasn't out anything."

Students self-select whether to enter the competition at Tier 1 or Tier 2. Tier 1 focuses on basic and intermediate finance- and accounting-related questions; Tier 2 questions are at intermediate and advanced levels. The contest's questions were created by a certified general accountant who is a marker in the CGA program of professional studies. The questions are original (i.e., have never appeared in any course material or elsewhere), but are written at a level comparable to applicable CGA courses.

"It was an amazing personal accomplishment to learn within a few days that I had won. My prize money has been a big help in financing my education and my business school benefited as well. I offer kudos to the Certified General Accountants of Ontario for offering this innovative opportunity for students to compete in this contest. It was a rewarding experience and I encourage all eligible students to register, as you have nothing to lose and everything to gain," states McGee.

In recognition of the significant role Ontario colleges and universities play in providing the foundation courses for accounting and finance, the academic institution of the first-place prize winner in each tier is awarded $5,000 towards its accounting department.

The Sprott School of Business ensured that the Ottawa media were aware of its local hero, which meant that McGee received a great deal of attention. Even her hometown newspaper in Newmarket, New Brunswick covered her story. "Coincidently, when the profile occurred I was home for my sister's high school graduation. I received lots of positive feedback from friends, family, past teachers and so on. It was great having the opportunity to share my success with hometown friends and family, as well as my university and professional community in Ottawa," enthuses McGee. Besides contributing to her current year's school tuition, McGee has plans in the works to take a trip to Europe with some family members this summer. Without the extra cash from the contest, likely this fun reward wouldn't have been feasible.

Ontario colleges and universities are promoting this year's contest, resulting in healthy advance registration. Professors in the related departments have been uniformly positive about the event and are encouraging students to participate."

For more information on CGA Ontario's One-Hour Accounting Contest, including Rules and Regulations, Ontario college and university students are encouraged to visit the dedicated contest web page: http://www.cga-ontario.org/applications/contest/Registration.aspx. Register today and then start your "online and accessible" engines on March 19th!

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