March 08, 2011 09:38 ET

ChaCha Rated #1 With Film Fans

comScore Report Ranks as Most Favored Website of Moviegoers

INDIANAPOLIS, IN--(Marketwire - March 8, 2011) - Trumping other online sites popular with film fans including Fandango, TMZ, Hulu, AOL Movies, and Rotten Tomatoes,, the #1 free, real-time answer service, garnered the highest user affinity on the Web from people 18 and older who have attended a movie within the past 30 days, according to a January 2011 report from comScore. also scored #2 for visitors who attended two to four movies in theaters in the past month. Illustrating that users are amongst the largest consumers of entertainment nationwide, the comScore data proves ChaCha's popularity amongst this highly engaged group of film fanatic Web surfers. 

With a comScore composition index of 213, more than doubled the scores of renowned social media sites Twitter (100) and Facebook (98) and highly outranked movie-specific sites Rotten Tomatoes (111), Flixster (111) and Yahoo! Movies (144). ChaCha also ranks as #2 in among the top 20 indexing sites for being "the first among friends to know, buy and go to movies" ahead of Alloy Digital Network, Hulu, Twitter, Huffington Post and Time Warner.

"This data reiterates that ChaCha is the definitive, go-to place for film fans looking for quick, accurate answers about their favorite movies and stars," says Scott Jones, ChaCha's CEO. "People come to ChaCha for crisp, bite-sized answers about everything, and it's exciting to see this ever-increasing level of engagement on the entertainment front."

In addition to rich Q&A content on its site at, ChaCha has rich data about entertainment, celebrities, movies, and movie showings. With its unique "ask a friend" service that spans platforms including mobile, online, and voice, ChaCha has emerged as the most prominent voice in free question and answer services, answering more than one billion questions since its launch in 2008. Underscoring the pop-culture interests of its consumers, 35 percent of ChaCha's questions are entertainment driven, totaling about 325 million questions per year across online and mobile platforms.

The film industry has already taken notice of the popularity of ChaCha among highly coveted film consumers. Marketing deals with Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal Digital Studios, Sony and the CW Network, are examples of some of those leveraging ChaCha's cross-media platform and deeply engaging movie buffs on a daily basis. Many brands insert themselves into the ChaCha conversation with users at exactly the moment they are seeking relevant answers or asking for entertainment recommendations. ChaCha has also become the way for studios to get their new movie trailers and custom movie content into the hands of film fanatics, and the company can deliver this content across the web and through nearly every mobile phone type.

Last month, hit a record high of more than 32 million unique Web and mobile visitors according to Omniture reporting. Due to the increasing popularity of the company's website and particularly the entertainment section, ChaCha has expanded ways for brand advertisers to drive online fans to interacting on their mobile phones including opting-in for mobile alerts, where users can get updates on their favorite celebrities, movie reminders, and even mobile video trailers.

ChaCha ( is the leading free, real-time answers service and has emerged as the #1 way for advertisers to engage with the audience of their choice. Through its unique "ask-a-smart-friend" platform, ChaCha has answered more than one billion questions since launch from more than 32 million unique users per month via online (, mobile (text 242-242), Twitter (@chacha), Facebook app, iPhone app, Android app, and voice (1-800-2-ChaCha™). Working with major brands such as Paramount, AT&T, Palm, Johnson & Johnson, P&G, Coca-Cola, McDonald's and hundreds of others, ChaCha is one of the fastest growing mobile publishers according to Nielsen and is ranked in the Top 100 websites according to comScore and Quantcast. ChaCha was co-founded by proven innovator and entrepreneur Scott Jones and is funded by VantagePoint Venture Partners; Rho Ventures; Qualcomm, Bezos Expeditions; Morton Meyerson, former President and Vice Chairman of EDS as well as Chairman and CEO of Perot Systems; Rod Canion, founding CEO of Compaq Computer; the Simon family; and Jack Gill, Silicon Valley venture capitalist.

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