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February 28, 2013 17:49 ET

Chad of All Trades Set to Launch "Remodeling the Customer Experience" Program

Chad of All Trades, Web Site URL of, Is Launching Its "Remodeling the Customer Experience" Program in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2013) - Chad of All Trades is a company comprised of San Diego handymen, repairmen and remodeling professionals who have served both home and business owners by handling projects that have included additions for buildings, adding outdoor amenities to properties and helping with repair work that is needed in homes and businesses. The company is set to launch its new program that's known as "Remodeling the Customer Experience" for the benefit of those they serve in San Diego County.

When a team member with Chad of All Trades reports to a home or an office to help with whatever work needs to be done, that team member tends to look at the building from the perspective of a contractor instead of as a trades person. As such, the San Diego contractor who reports to these properties tends to survey the building from a standpoint of everything that could need to be done instead of just looking at one aspect of potential improvement or repair work.

Given this instinctive perspective, the team at Chad of All Trades is going to launch its "Remodeling the Customer Experience" program in such a way that the customer will be able to simply be matched with an appropriate trades person instead of having to call a list of referrals and go through the entire due diligence project for every different type of work that needs to be done on a property. This program will allow customers to streamline their entire repair and/or remodeling experience.

In addition to providing customers with exact matches for their trades-related needs, Chad of All Trades will provide the customer with the same experience that they received from Chad of All Trades in terms of service and approach. This uniformity will provide an additional measure of comfort for the customer and reassure that person that he or she is getting a qualified professional to handle a particular job.

"Our customers can contact us for ANY construction-related trade and we will dispatch the appropriately trained and skilled person for that job, and in turn the client will always have the same experience that includes a call before arrival, a picture of the trades person coming, email confirmation, the removal of shoes until a work area is prepped and other benefits," said Chad Arendsen, the owner of Chad of All Trades. Contact Chad of All Trades today to learn more about this program and how it can benefit you and your remodeling or handyman needs.

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Chad of All Trades  is a San Diego home remodeling service that has been providing help by way of home remodeling projects, repair work, outdoor remodeling projects, home expansions and many other types of home improvement work. The team of San Diego home remodelers has a collective level of professional experience that exceeds 40 years, and the team is expanding into these markets because of its trusted track record of results.

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