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June 14, 2016 09:00 ET

Change Creator and RiseUP Partner to Usher in a New Era of Social Entrepreneurialism

Social Change Leaders Come Together to Debut RiseUP the Movie and Movement

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - Jun 14, 2016) - Change Creator™, the premium digital magazine for entrepreneurs who use business for a positive change and RiseUP the Movie, the culture-shifting documentary film that articulates new concepts of prosperity, success and contribution have come together to usher in a new era of social entrepreneurialism.

Social entrepreneurialism draws on traditional business practices and cutting-edge innovation to create solutions to pressing problems affecting society, the environment and economies. As millennials increasingly transcend from school to the workplace, they carry with them a desire to develop wealth, find entrepreneurial ways to solve problems and give back to society. According to the Telefonica Global Millennial Survey over 68% of the millennial surveyed (globally) believe they have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur, while many believe the most pressing problems are the economy, social inequality, access to education, eliminating poverty, creating sustainable energy and providing affordable housing.

Today the social entrepreneur is digitally savvy, has learned to work collaboratively in distributed environments and at ease communicating with others on a global basis. Both Change Creator and RiseUP address the need for social entrepreneurs to learn the skills required to be a successful social entrepreneur.

"Social entrepreneurship will play an instrumental role in making the world a healthier and more equitable place," says Adam Force, Publisher, and Editor of Change Creator. "We need more people who have the courage to push boundaries and challenge the status-quo. An enormous number of people are now trying to figure out how to make the world a better place through the way they live their lives and make a living. We are excited to offer them the tools and insights they need to succeed."

"Our current model of success is destroying the planet and driving billions of people to unfulfilled lives," says Kate Maloney, Founder, and Producer of RiseUP. "The challenges facing us today are enormous, but so are the opportunities. Both RiseUP the movie, and RiseUP the movement seek to engage social entrepreneurs with insight and practical advice to allow them to realize new models of success and contribute positively to our planet."

According to Roger L. Martin & Sally Osberg, in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Spring 2007. "The reasons behind the popularity of social entrepreneurship are many. On the most basic level, there's something inherently interesting and appealing about entrepreneurs and the stories of why and how they do what they do. People are attracted to social entrepreneurs like last year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus for many of the same reasons that they find business entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs so compelling -- these extraordinary people come up with brilliant ideas and against all the odds succeed at creating new products and services that dramatically improve people's lives."

The June issue of Change Creator is out June 15, 2016 and will feature RiseUP cast member and founder of Addicted 2 Success Joel Brown with an in-depth discussion of the habits for success and transformation required to actualize social entrepreneurialism.

Change Creator, LLC, empowers ambitious men and women who are willing to push boundaries, challenge the status quo and want to make a positive impact in the world on their own terms. The premium digital magazine app on iTunes and Google Play enables people to enhance their lives by sharing in-depth business strategies, exclusive interviews with successful social entrepreneurs and priceless insights that show them exactly how to succeed. When you have the right tools, progress happens.

RiseUP the Movie, featuring Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS Shoes, John Mackey, Co-CEO and founder of Whole Foods Market, Casey Sheahan, former CEO, Patagonia and more is a culture-shifting documentary film that articulates new emergent models around the concepts of prosperity, success and contribution. Founded by technology entrepreneur Kate Maloney, RiseUP is about giving rise to individuals and businesses that do good and do well. People are rising up to create radically fulfilled, purpose driven lives.

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