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December 13, 2011 08:00 ET

Change Making Change Fund Empowers Kids to Give Back, One Handful of Change at a Time

Young People and Their Families Encouraged to Donate Some of the Billions of Dollars in Spare Change Stashed Away in American Homes

MERCER ISLAND, WA--(Marketwire - Dec 13, 2011) - Change Making Change Fund (, "CMC"), a new 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, today announced it has created a unique fund for kids that want to give back to other kids in need. CMC is helping children develop the habit of giving regularly by making donating accessible, easy and rewarding. Young people can participate by donating a handful of spare change to CMC through one of approximately 17,000 Coinstar ® kiosks across the U.S. or online at When kids get together and donate, even in small amounts, they can make a big impact for others in need.

CMC is one of the national partners in Coinstar's Coins that Count® program which allows coins to be donated at Coinstar kiosks. Through CMC, kids are connected with a number of domestic and international children's charities, including International Justice Mission, a human rights agency that brings rescue to victims of slavery, sexual exploitation and other forms of violent oppression; First Book, provider of new books for children in need; and the Chikumbuso Women and Orphans Project in Zambia.

"Giving to Change Making Change is simple: since nearly every household accumulates change, it's easy to grab a handful and bring it to a Coinstar kiosk where it can be donated to support terrific causes," said Rich Stillman, Founder and Executive Director, Change Making Change. "These small donations, even just a pocketful or cup of coins, can help make a big difference in the life of a young person in need."

CMC is encouraging charitable acts among young people by making donating:

Accessible - The CMC fund is available to donors at approximately 17,000 Coinstar kiosks across the U.S. Donations can be made in minutes and require no log-in or account setup.

Easy - CMC is designed around small donations. There is no minimum, no specific deadlines and no commitment. In fact, families are encouraged to dig into the estimated $10 billion dollars of coins that is out of circulation stashed away in American homes in jars, drawers and other locations, and donate what they can, as often as they can.

Rewarding - By giving back in their early years, kids can develop lifelong, charitable habits. Since all denominations are welcomed, young people from various socioeconomic backgrounds are empowered to support charities and feel great about their contributions. Kids can even go online to read specifically how their coin donations are helping others.

"Change Making Change gives young people a convenient way to donate their extra monies, no matter the denomination," said Brian Cress, Director of Development, Students Ending Slavery, International Justice Mission. "We too believe no donation is too small, because together and over time they add up. We are honored to be receiving funds through this thoughtful organization."

In its first few weeks of operation, CMC has generated more than $12,000 in donations for their supported charities, already demonstrating that donors across the country want to use the change in their pocket to better the lives of others in need. Now that CMC has officially been introduced to the American public, CMC hopes its 'for children, by children' approach will inspire young people to pursue more opportunities to give back and encourage others to do the same for the greatest impact. "We really hope to start a ripple effect, where one child encourages five, ten or more friends to donate in the same way," added Stillman.

"We are pleased to include Change Making Change as one of our Coins That Count charity partners," said Mike Skinner, President, Coinstar's Coin Business. "We wish them much success."

About Change Making Change
Change Making Change Fund (CMC) is founded on the belief that many people giving small amounts of money can do as much good as a few people giving large sums of money. The grant making organization encourages giving back by making donating accessible, easy and rewarding. Young people can get involved by bringing a handful of spare change to a Coinstar kiosk and selecting CMC as the recipient. To learn how Change Making Change is helping small donations make a big difference for international and domestic charities, visit us at or on Facebook.

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