February 28, 2007 17:21 ET Releases Free Software to Complement Backup SMTP Service

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 28, 2007 --, a California-based dynamic DNS provider, recently announced they will be releasing a new software program to complement their backup SMTP services. The software will be provided to users free-of-charge.

The move, according to company president Sam Norris, is designed to keep's border servers up-to-date with their clients valid e-mail addresses.

"We designed the new software to reduce email network traffic and stop dictionary attacks," says Norris. "The software supports Microsoft Exchange Server and automatically synchronizes with the client's servers. Any invalid email address is then rejected at our border servers as well."

The software, "Dynamic SMTP Assistant," is the latest addition to a long line of's Dynamic DNS and SMTP features. Dynamic SMTP Assistant is expected to be one of the few software options on the market that allows customers to utilize a 3rd party backup service while avoiding dictionary attacks on all external secondary servers.

"When broadband services were introduced to the general public, suddenly everybody had the ability to serve content on their own without the need for a web host," says Norris. "After first providing the ability to tie domain names to a dynamic IP address (i.e. broadband web servers), we decided to focus on our customers' email needs as well. That's where Dynamic SMTP Assistant fits in." also expects the free software to cut down on down on unnecessary delivery attempts to primary servers by filtering email at the border -- a feature not commonly found with other backup SMTP providers.

"Microsoft Exchange is the first mail server to be supported by Dynamic SMTP Assistant," states Norris. "Support for most other popular mail servers will be added, including Merak, SmarterMail, and any other SSH capable servers." has made the Dynamic SMTP Assistant software available at The software utilizes ClickOnce technology for rapid deployment and updates.

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