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December 17, 2014 06:00 ET

Changers Launches CO2 Fit, the Mobile App That Encourages Fitness, Rewards Green Behavior, and Motivates You to Reduce Your CO2 Emissions

With New Year 2015 Resolutions on the Horizon, the Changers CO2 Fit App Is Perfect for Environmentally Conscious People Who Want to Live Healthier Lives and Do Something Measurable and Positive for the Environment; Changers CO2 Fit Rewards Activities That Reduce CO2 Emissions; It Challenges You to Be Fit and Active, and to Make Energy-Smart Decisions About How You Get From A to B

BERLIN, GERMANY and POTSDAM, GERMANY--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2014) - Changers, the company that motivates people to change their energy behavior, has launched a new mobile app that measures sustainable behavior and rewards it with Recoins, the world's first green currency based on CO2 savings. CO2 fit, which is available today for Apple iPhone and Android smartphones, calculates the net CO2 effect of cycling, taking a bus or train, or driving a car, and rewards users with a Recoin unit for every kilogram of CO2 they save.

"Our idea is simple: motivate people to select more sustainable transportation options by helping them understand and quantify their overall carbon footprint," said Markus Schulz, co-founder of Changers. "Just start the app before each trip by bike, public transport, or car, and see the CO2 impact of that trip. By commuting to work by bike you can earn Recoins that offset the CO2 impact of your trips by car or plane."

When you save CO2 by biking or using green transportation, you are rewarded with Recoins -- the Changers digital currency. Recoins are calculated based on the type of transportation you use. You earn a Recoin for every 1 kilometer on a bike, 5 kilometers on a bus, and 20 kilometers on a train.

If you emit CO2 (for example by driving your car), those emissions are also calculated. You can offset your negative CO2 balance by using the Recoins you earned by biking and using public transit. To make it fun, users can earn awards and badges, and can compete with other users, locally and globally.

Recoins: carbon offsets for consumers
Each of us constantly emits CO2, not just when we travel but even when we drink a coffee or buy a pair of jeans. The Changers Big Idea: encourage people to offset their overall CO2 impact by allowing them to purchase real climate certificates*. Whenever you earn at least 50 Recoins by traveling by bike, bus or train, you can purchase a climate certificate from within the Changers app. This represents a savings of 25 kilograms of CO2. Now you can live towards being CO2-free and promote the worldwide use of renewable energies.

"We want everyone to participate in CO2 emissions trading by using the Recoins they've earned through conscious behavior change to acquire shares in CO2 Certificates," said Daniela Schiffer, Changers co-founder. "It's fun, makes you feel good, and enables you to become aware of the impact of your own behavior."

A global competition to save CO2
To get the carbon-offset ball rolling, Changers has launched an international CO2 savings competition. Users in 61 countries and 736 cities are already vying for the top spots in the Changers world ranking of the most CO2-aware world citizens. From Buenos Aires to Zurich, sustainably traveled kilometers measured by the app are automatically tabulated in the global rankings. The competition is supported with motivational awards that users can earn by achieving goals.

* Changers buys Gold Standard certificates. Launched in 2003 by several environmental organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), these certificates are subject to the strictest rules and are characterized by the fact that the certified climate projects they back promote both the reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainable development.

About Changers
Changers was founded by two entrepreneurs: Daniela Schiffer and Markus Schulz, who want to make sustainable behavior as measurable as a unit of CO2. The idea: motivate people to contribute to reducing climate change by changing their behavior. Changers combines the quest for reducing climate change with gamification and a green digital currency by choosing sustainable, CO2-saving, behaviors. The company is based in Babelsberg/Potsdam and is funded by the EU and the state of Brandenburg, near Berlin. For more information, visit or follow us @changerscom on Twitter and

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