May 30, 2011 19:00 ET

Changes to the Motorcycle Test Welcomed by Swinton Bike Insurance

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 30, 2011) - Swinton Bikes is welcoming the news that changes have been made to the motorcycle test in order to improve motorcycle safety.

Swinton Bikes, one of the leading high street retailers of motorcycle insurance, surveyed 1,200 online customers and found that 31% of motorcyclist would have liked to see the changes to the test come into force much sooner.

The changes to the test include relaxed rules regarding swerving around cones which can now be done at 30mph instead of reaching at least 31mph in the manoeuvre. Other changes mean that failing to reach the minimum speed limit will now only result in a driving fault and not an automatic fail. Up to five driving faults are allowed in the test.

The emergency break has also been altered. In previous tests, the motorcyclist would have to perform this manoeuvre straight after the swerving around cones manoeuvre, but now they can do an additional loop of the circuit before the stop.

Anthony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes said, "The changes to the motorcycle test are practical and use common sense. The test also better prepares riders for real road conditions once they pass their test and hopefully reduce the amount of motorbike insurance claims among new riders."

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