June 03, 2009 14:47 ET

Changing the Face of Philanthropy: Award-Winning Relief Agency CAN-DO Launches Revolutionary Direct Aid Media Tool™ to Increase Impact of Relief Efforts

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 3, 2009) - With hurricane season upon us as of this week, much of the nation is bracing themselves and their loved ones for the havoc that ensues in the wake of a natural disaster. Globally, natural disasters are on the rise and only projected to worsen in coming years. With extensive frontline experience in some of the worst natural disasters in the world, award-winning relief agency CAN-DO (Compassion into Action Network, Direct Outcome Organization, is proud to announce the launch of, a revolutionary technology that connects viewers and participants with those on the frontlines, in real time. CAN-DO will launch on June 8th at 1pm CDT, in real time, from the frontlines. ( enables donors, family members, and even those affected by disasters or crises to directly participate in critical relief efforts, vastly improving efficiency, accountability, and transparency in efforts that are often laden with bureaucracy and red tape.

From June 8th - 15th, will broadcast live throughout the construction of CAN-DO's 60' x 30' community greenhouse on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation in South Dakota, demonstrating to donors, media, and leaders worldwide the impact of their involvement in creating this vital initiative in the nation's poorest county. Participants will be able to not only witness what is happening in real time, but actively participate in the conversation, a new standard in the field of humanitarian relief that will transform these mechanisms for change.

"I've led relief efforts in some of the worst disasters this world has known and one of the most devastating things is the lack of real time news, updates, and clear assessments that enable real relief to occur, without the red tape and without the hidden corners that only amplify the suffering," explains Eric Klein, Founder of CAN-DO. "The economic, social, political, and personal impact of disasters ranging from cyclones to earthquakes, fires to hurricanes, floods to tornadoes, is unfathomable. will transform this and increase the speed of response to get the help to those that need it the most."

Utilizing their proven approach to providing lasting solutions with full accountability, efficiency and results, CAN-DO is addressing the critical needs in the relief and humanitarian aid sector with the launch of

This program is the first online, interactive real-time video website that allows individuals and organizations worldwide to watch live and interact via chat to personally witness their financial contributions reaching those in need in the wake of humanitarian crises or natural disasters. The website was developed by Eric Klein, CEO and Founder of CAN-DO, and Erik Summers, Founder of

CAN-DO's successful missions to bring immediate and direct relief to areas in need have captured the attention of renowned philanthropists including Oprah Winfrey and former president Bill Clinton. The organization was recently awarded the Global Compassion Award at the United Nations for its global impact, unparalleled transparency and accountability.

About CAN-DO:

Founded by Eric Klein, CAN-DO has set a new standard for humanitarian aid and is changing the face of philanthropy. Video footage, photographs and the web site offer documentation of the organization's efforts at every phase. For further information, please visit To schedule media interviews or to get involved, please contact Alissa Sears of Christie Communications at 805-969-3744 or by email at

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