March 02, 2011 13:20 ET

Charlie Sheen Sound Bites Are All the Rage; Reports Skyrocketing Interest

MINNEAPOLIS, MN--(Marketwire - March 2, 2011) - Ridiculous, funny or sad, the recent slew of interviews given by Charlie Sheen have created a firestorm on audio sites for clips and one-liners from the star of the recently suspended 'Two and a Half Men.'

In fact, according to, traffic for Sheen sound bites exploded in recent days. "All the Sheen boards blew up over the weekend," says Soundboard Managing Director Mike Mitchell. 

"And why not? At its core, without the human element, it's audio gold -- better than Chris Hansen reading Dateline Predator chat transcripts," he laughs.

A community-based site, gives members or 'builders' tools to create categorized 'boards' of short 'sounds' or soundboards. And with over 65,000 builders, it never takes long for hot audio like Sheen's rants to get uploaded into the site's massive catalog of nearly 350,000 tracks.

"The second he started talking, our members starting putting up bites," concludes Mitchell. "From there it went crazy viral... and it just keeps growing with every utterance."

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