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November 10, 2011 10:00 ET

Charlottesville Chiropractor Announces Brain-Based Therapy for Treating Migraines

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA--(Marketwire - Nov 10, 2011) - Prax Chiropractic and Holistic Pediatrics announced that it offers brain-based therapy to help patients manage pain from headaches, migraines and fibromyalgia. Charlottesville chiropractor, Dr. Brian Prax is one of only 344 chiropractors to offer brain-based therapy in the United States. Brain-based therapy is a gentle, hands-on treatment that helps patients relax and optimize brain activity, which reduces headache pain by retraining the brain. Dr. Prax has been practicing for 15 years, and provides natural, non-invasive pain management treatments for back and neck pain, migraine pain, headaches and fibromyalgia.

Dr. Brian Prax, a family chiropractor in downtown Charlottesville, Virginia, announced that Prax Chiropractic and Holistic Pediatrics offers brain-based therapy for the treatment of migraine, headache and fibromyalgia pain. Individuals who wish to learn more about brain-based therapy can visit the practice's website, which includes several informative YouTube videos explaining the treatment. The website is

"While many patients can benefit greatly from traditional adjustments, not every patient struggling with migraines or headache pain improves," said Dr. Prax. "Brain-based therapy is an exciting new treatment that can help patients when other treatments cannot, delivering over a 90% success rate."

Brain-based therapy is based on the teachings of Dr. Fred Carrick, a leading chiropractic neurologist. According to Dr. Carrick's work, stress can affect how information is sent to the brain and processed. Inconsistent information processing in the brain can lead to the dilation and constriction of blood vessels surrounding the brain's nerve mesh, which leads to pain.

"A headache is pain that is physically located in the brain," said Dr. Prax. "During your daily life, your body is constantly sending information to your brain for processing. When information delivery is compromised by stress, this leads to a chain of events that ultimately causes a headache. Brain-based therapy helps reduce the underlying cause for headaches by retraining the brain to consistently process information."

Brain-based therapy retrains weakened areas of the brain through oxygen therapy, vibration therapy and other treatments that promote the growth of healthy brain tissue and increases the activation of the brain. Dr. Prax also performs precise, unilateral adjustments using an activator or computer-assisted adjustment tool.

According to Dr. Prax, following treatments, patients feel relaxed, energized and ready to face challenges."Charlottesville migraine sufferers can enjoy long-lasting relief without the need for medication or dependency on painkillers," said Dr. Prax.

Dr. Prax also uses brain-based therapy to provide pain relief for fibromyalgia patients.

"Fibromyalgia is a frequently misunderstood neurological condition," said Dr. Prax. "Since there is no definitive test for the condition, many patients are left feeling frustrated and hopeless by doctors who tell them the problem is simply in their head. In reality, the problem is 'in the head' -- a misfiring of the brain causes pain fibers to become over stimulated across the body. Brain-based therapy helps to retrain the brain to stop this over stimulation."

In addition to brain-based therapy, Dr. Prax also offers massage therapy, CranioSacral therapy to relieve pressure on the brain and spinal cord in young children, and the Webster technique for relieving pregnancy pain in expectant mothers and preparing them for a natural birthing process.

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