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CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic

July 18, 2011 00:01 ET

Chase Bank Returns Foreclosed Home Modifying Loan After Lender Law Suit Is Filed by CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic

SANTA ANA, CA--(Marketwire - Jul 18, 2011) - Mr. Juarez was left no choice other than filing a Lender Law Suit alleging misrepresentation by the Loan Agent who promised something different than was given to Mr. Juarez upon signing the stack of loan documents recorded on Deed of Trust instrument No 04 2636580 on 10/14/2004 in L.A County.

He sought help from several Organizations promising a Loan Modification in time to save his home from foreclosure. He received a Notice of Trustee Sale CA10362809RM recorded on 08/26/2010 showing his home was going to Trustee Sale on 9/16/2010 via Quality Loan Servicing exactly 21 days from the sale date notice.

Continuing to communicate with his Lender he managed to get temporary relief with a few extensions never receiving a permanent response until 12/20/2010. Public records obtained thru LPS Agency Sales Posting Search of Trustee Sale Reversals show Mr. Juarez's luck ran out just before Christmas Eve; the property reverted back to the Beneficiary on 12/20/2010.

On 12/27/2010 as a belated Christmas present the Juarez family received a "Notice to Occupants" from Fannie Mae advising them that Fannie Mae now owned their home; no longer Chase Bank whom Mr. Juarez made monthly payments to until experiencing hardship.

Once retained, CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic then aggressively conveyed several alternative recommendations to Quality Loan Servicing, Fannie Mae and Chase Bank before filing a Lender Law Suit naming them all as defendants in Superior Court Case # VC058959.

According to Attorney G. Lee Lane Esq, President of CPAC Non Profit Law Clinic, "People run out of time dealing with the Servicing Agent not the True Note holder who typically aren't aware the homeowners wish to retain their home let alone sustain it."

Not only did the Trustee Sale Reversal put the home back into Mr. Juarez's name but on 7/07/2011 CPAC sent back a signed Loan Modification agreement that this stubborn Homeowner desperately attempted without success. Lane states, "This is the advantage of properly using our Judicial System either for Bankruptcy protection or a Lender Law Suit filed against the right parties for the right reason; sometimes both, whatever works and wins our Clients what they deserve." See if you're eligible for CPAC to help you with your Lender Law Suit visit

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