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SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - March 9, 2009) - Since it began operation in 2003, based in San Jose, California, has developed its database with an eye toward giving consumers the information they need to respond to both good times and bad. The deepening economic recession more than qualifies as "bad," and is leading drivers to hold on to their cars longer or to purchase certified used cars. To help their readers understand how to get the most comprehensive and affordable insurance for these aging cars, the editors at CheapAutosInsurance have added a new section on "Insuring Your Older Vehicle."

"People just aren't buying new cars," said CheapAutosInsurance CEO Brian Severson. "They either can't get the credit they need or they're just too strapped to add car payments to the mix. Those who are buying, are going for used cars, some for the first time in their lives, and they have questions about insuring those older cars. We've put together some answers for them."

Vehicles get less expensive to insure as they age. Premiums drop first at five years and then again at ten. Maintenance, however, is the key. Staying on top of repairs, keeping the performance level high, maintaining the car's safety features, and posting a clean driving record all effect the rate insurance customers pay.

"There are actually some advantages to owning an older vehicle," said Severson. "Most people don't realize that because they've gotten used to getting a new car every two or three years. It's also important to make sure your car has the safety features that keep premiums low. For instance, if your car doesn't have air bags currently, look into getting them retrofitted. Also, consumers should look at their premium every time the policy is renewed and talk to their agent to see if the premium can be lowered given the age of the vehicle."

General Motors has the greatest number of cars and trucks currently on the road with no airbags. The company is working on a retrofit program, however, that will put steering wheel bags on these older models at a cost of about $900. Currently auto insurance companies are not offering a specific discount for that augmentation, but coupled with safe driving habits and a clean record, the change makes the car safer and gives the consumer a negotiating point with the insurer.

Material like the new section on insuring older vehicles, coupled with frank advice on cost effective car insurance an easy rate quotes makes CheapAutosInsurance an indispensable site for drivers fighting to keep increased insurance premium costs in check. The content of is constantly refreshed to reflect the latest developments in the insurance industry. The editors welcome and invite your questions, comments, and ideas. Send email to:

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