January 26, 2012 06:38 ET

Cheaper Flights the Answer to Increased Popularity in Family Holidays, Say DialAFlight

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 26, 2012) - The average family is travelling abroad more frequently, according to recently conducted research. The study shows that trends and attitudes towards family holidays have changed dramatically since the 70s and 80s. 30 years ago, 65% of children had not experienced a holiday abroad at all by the age of ten, and in general would not until the age of about 13. Now, parents think nothing of taking young children on flights to Australia, Spain or America for their family holidays.

Now, the average 10 year old has been abroad at least 4 times, with the most popular family holiday destinations being Greece, France and Spain; in contrast to the family holidays of old at popular UK locations such as Devon or Cornwall. However, the majority of adults have said that they look back on these family holidays with fond memories.

The increased popularity of foreign holidays may be attributed to the holiday boom in the 90s, which saw the further promotion of holidays abroad and large discounts on package holidays. The increase of quality, choice, destinations and packages have made foreign family holidays more and more affordable, to the point that it is now the norm for the majority of British households.

Parents with children have recognised the value and security that package holidays offer, and the choice of package holidays has increased greatly; foreign holidays are now far more easily accessible than they were 30 years ago. For example, cheap flights to New York, Madrid and Dubai are all very easy to obtain from a wide range of travel operators such as DialAFlight.

Spokesperson for DialAFlight commented: "It has become the norm for families, even with very young children, to take holidays abroad. Parents who may necessarily not have been able to afford holidays a decade or more ago are finding that they can with value package holidays, combining cheap flights with low hotel costs. Modern day parents may feel that there is an expectation to take their children abroad; some may just want their children to look back on their family holidays with fond memories."

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