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March 16, 2016 10:35 ET Picks Destinations Perfect for Any Relationship Status

The Best Places for Twosomes to Travel Together

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - Mar 16, 2016) - Let's face it, vacations can slow down or speed up pretty much any relationship. Are you ready to commit to walking the Incan Trail with someone you've only been dating for a couple of weeks? Could your fledgling romance be stopped in its tracks by a long and featureless train ride? Or, after five years of beach vacays, are you two craving a little more stimulation and a chance to explore a new pastime you can enjoy together?

To help you find the ideal spot to spend quality time with your soon-to-be (or already) significant other, the travel experts at, the champions of simple travel search, have played matchmaker to come up with the best vacation for any relationship status -- from early stage single-and-dating folks to couples marking a milestone anniversary. 

Check out our picks for celebrating your relationship on the road at six different stages of romance:

  • Just became "Facebook official" - Determining your relationship status can be a fuzzy situation. Are you a couple after five dates? Ten? Once you both agree to delete whatever dating app you met on? Well, in this day and age, where social media rules all, we'd say you're "official" once it's, well, Facebook official. A vacation at this early-ish stage can be exciting but should also be a low-key, low-pressure destination. Since this will be your first trip together, start off slow with a weekend getaway, ideally a city trip where there will be lots to do. Think Montreal, Chicago, Vancouver, New York or Boston -- all cities that can be explored in a few days and offer a lot of variety in terms of what to do, see and eat.

  • It's complicated - You're together, now you're not. You're dating, now you're not sure what's going on or where you stand. Cue the confusion. A trip during an "it's complicated" phase of a relationship, or just when you aren't really sure how committed the two of you are can be risky. However, it's not out of the question and could, potentially, bring you closer together. Think fun, easy-breezy and eclectic to keep things interesting yet relaxed. A good option, which has both beach and eco-adventure activities, is Belize. It's not too far and it has enough to keep both of you busy should things get, uh, even more complicated while you're there.

  • Just moved in together - OK, it's official-official -- you now share space and you've (likely) met each other's families, so it's probably pretty serious. Why not celebrate the milestone of co-habitation with a trip? By this point we're assuming you're comfortable enough with each other to take a trip that goes beyond lying on the beach sipping margaritas. We suggest Peru, which boasts a ton of cultural activities, unique sites, a wide variety of things to see and do and must-try food. Not to mention, if you're feeling particularly ambitious the two of you can hike Machu Picchu together. Accomplishing something like that as a duo can be an amazing bonding experience.

  • Partnered 1+ years - You did it -- you've been married or partnered for a year or more. Since you're now comfortable together but still in the early stages of being coupled up, you have some leeway when it comes to where to go. You want somewhere romantic, but a place that also has lots of options for things to do when you want a bit more excitement. Try Ireland, which offers the chance to explore the city or stunning countryside, and no shortage of opportunities to cozy up in charming bars and pubs.

  • Partnered 5-10 years - At this point you probably want a trip that is as much about getting some romantic alone time as it is the opportunity to get at least a tiny bit outside your comfort zone. Beach and island-hopping in Southern Thailand could be just what the doctor ordered. The beaches are beautiful (and plentiful), the food is cheap and delicious, and the beer is cold and pocket friendly. Accommodations range from huts on the sand to boutique beach hotels to large resorts, providing options for every type of travelling twosome.

  • Celebrating a major anniversary - Celebrating major anniversaries means picking a destination that stands out and that you wouldn't necessarily choose on a whim. These are bucket-list destinations that can help create lasting memories and bring you and your partner even closer. Some options include visiting the Galapagos Islands, hiking China's Great Wall, cozying up in an over-water bungalow in the Maldives, laying on a beach in Fiji or going on safari in South Africa to catch a glimpse of the "big five" (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard) -- the perfect way to celebrate your big five (or five-oh) if you ask us.

If you fall into the "single and ready to mingle", "coupled up, but past the honeymoon phase" or "partnered 10+ years" buckets, the Cheapflights team also has picks for you. Get the details and see the complete list of The best vacation for any relationship status at

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