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Wine and Dine at These Top 10 Historic Restaurants and Inns Around the World

BOSTON, MA--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2015) -  Dining out at a restaurant is a time-honored tradition in cultures around the world. And, while it can be fun to check out the latest hotspot as you travel to new places, some restaurants are must-trys because they are both culinary and cultural cornerstones. There is no better way to celebrate a destination than to sit down for a meal in place that has been a favorite for generations. The Guinness World Record for the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the world belongs to Restaurant Botin in Madrid, Spain, which is celebrating its 290th anniversary this year. In honor of this commendable achievement, the travel experts at, the online leader in finding and publishing travel deals, have put together an appetizing menu of Top 10 Historic Restaurants and Inns around the World featuring dining institutions that have withstood the test of time.

After Restaurant Botin, here are the next four time-honored restaurants to make the list:

  • St. Peter Stiftskeller, Salzburg, Austria - St. Peter Stiftskeller's history can be traced back to 803 when it served as a meeting place for bishops and merchants, but even though its patrons, interior, owners and menu have changed throughout centuries, it's still operating and is considered Central Europe's oldest inn. Stiftskeller's acquired the right to brew beer in 1803 and started serving it alongside its own wine. Today, the restaurant has a state of the art kitchen, offers a contemporary take on old recipes, boasts an intimate interior garden and prides itself on "a feast for all the senses."

  • The Gables, Russell, New Zealand - New Zealand's oldest operating restaurant, The Gables, was built in 1847 and originally served whalers and traders. Today, the restaurant is famous for seafood and New Zealand lamb as well as its waterfront location. The interior has been renovated, but it incorporates the original wooden floors and paneling to preserve the traditional cozy feel of the space. The restaurant's surroundings are an attraction in themselves and many choose to spend long summer days here enjoying an exquisite meal accompanied by a glass of New Zealand's finest wine.

  • L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel, Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Built in 1688, Auberge Saint-Gabriel was the first inn (or "auberge") in North America to receive a liquor license, which was issued in 1754. The building hasn't always been a restaurant, having temporarily served as a townhouse in the 19th century, but returned to its origins in the early 20th century. The modern-era Auberge Saint-Gabriel serves high-end fare and boasts contemporary décor, which tells the history of the restaurant as well as the entire continent.

  • The Griswold Inn, Essex, Connecticut, United States - The oldest restaurant in Connecticut, the Griswold Inn, was established in 1776 and has gone through the hands of six different families. It's one of the oldest continuously operating inns in the U.S. and apart from serving food in historic dining rooms, it also offers accommodation and live music. The décor of the "Gris" is maritime and it is filled with various brass bells and other memorabilia. Sea shanty evenings complete the inn's nautical charm and keep the traditions alive.

Still hungry for more? Rounding out our short list of long-standing restaurants are: Criterion Restaurant, London, United Kingdom; Wierzynek Restaurant, Krakow, Poland; The Pig and Whistle Inn, Bathurst, South Africa; La Tour d'Argent, Paris, France; and Cuckoo Restaurant, Olinda, Melbourne, Australia. To read the details on these and's Top 10 Historic Restaurants and Inns around the World,

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