February 06, 2012 11:33 ET Identifies Travel Habits Based on Smartphone Brands

What Kind of Traveller Are You: Leading Airfares Provider Has the Answer Based on the Type of Phone You Carry

LONDON--(Marketwire - Feb 6, 2012) - Having pooled together results of a recent survey* in which more than 700 people took part, along with information based on search data,, the online leader in travel deals publishing, identifies key traits and practices of individuals based on their smartphone choice with its travel habits of mobile phone users infographic.

The comparison of Blackberry, iPhone and Android Phone users produced some really interesting results on topics ranging from work habits on holiday, dirty weekend ambitions, spending habits and what your destination says about you, among other things.

Some of the main findings from both the survey as well as's user search data showed that 14 million hours per year are spent searching for flights while at work, and Blackberry users spend 38 per cent more time searching for flights during working hours than either iPhone or Android users.

"It might seem like just a bit of fun, but, in an age where people are so brand driven, the type of mobile you carry truly does provide an insight into aspects of your personality when it comes to tastes, habits, likes and dislikes," says Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for

"We took this thinking a step further and applied it to travel related topics and behaviour, which enabled us to determine the type of traveller a user is based on the mobile phone they carry," adds Hallak.

Of the three different mobile personalities, Blackberry users appeared to be the biggest spenders with a whopping 50 per cent of them more likely to go splash the cash in a jet set holiday destination like Marbella.

Meanwhile, iPhone users' destination choices showed them to be the bigger risk takers with a love of shopping and romance. The results showed they are twice as likely to go gambling in Las Vegas than Blackberry users and four times as likely as Android users and ten times as likely as Blackberry users to have a romantic break in Paris. They're also 7 per cent more likely to travel for a dirty weekend than Blackberry users.

However, when it comes to general adventure, Android users came out on top highlighting New Zealand as one of their favourite destinations. They're also the techiest of the bunch being 50 per cent more likely to visit high-tech Tokyo than the remaining two types.

While iPhone users have a big appetite for fun, risk and romance, it would appear they have an almost equally big appetite for work as they were 17 per cent more likely to take calls from work while on holiday compared to 12.9 per cent for Blackberry users and only 7.5 per cent for Android. However, iPhone and Blackberry almost tie when it comes to doing work while on holiday at 27.4 per cent and 27.2 per cent respectively with Android at 18.6 per cent.

When it comes to dining out, Blackberry users were a bit tight on spending from their own pocket being 3.9 per cent more likely to buy their partner dinner on their business expenses compared with iPhone users. They were also the least likely to take their partner on a business trip.

The results go on to compare a wealth of other information including CO2 emissions produced by smartphones compared with those produced by the travel industry, identifying the total number of smartphone devices currently owned in the UK, the number of users going to travel websites through a mobile device with a further breakdown by type of phone of the most popular travel app and the number of downloads of that app and much, much more.

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