Check-It Monitoring Solutions Inc.

Check-It Monitoring Solutions Inc.

April 22, 2009 06:00 ET

Check-It Monitoring Solutions Inc.: Save Money on Your Power Bill and Help Protect the Environment

REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN--(Marketwire - April 22, 2009) - While people are scrambling to become "greener" in almost every aspect of their lives, from solar power to hybrid vehicles, it's easy to forget the easiest alternative; use the least amount of energy possible. If property owners are able to monitor their energy consumption they will be more conscious about reducing their consumption. And, reducing energy consumption not only means saving money but it also means diminishing gas emissions when energy is being generated.

Property owners can reduce their energy significantly without sacrificing any major lifestyle changes. Check-It Monitoring Solutions Inc. helps property owners save money by providing them with the tools to improve energy efficiency in their home or business. Check-It combines a simple hardware installation with an Internet based monitoring of real-time energy usage which customers can access anytime, at their convenience.

With today's technology and the urgency for energy conservation there is no reason that property owners should not be able to view the details of their power use. Check-It's Power Monitoring Service provides many benefits:

- Property owners can now view their power use in real-time on the web. And, they can view individual energy information for major household loads such as heating/cooling, washer/dryer and refrigeration.

- Not only can property owners view their power use but they can also view their dollar amount spent as well. They can determine the cost of powering various power loads and tailor their habits to attain a budgeted goal.

- Property owners can also view historical power information allowing comparisons between months or even view projected power information based on their current usage. Property owners can now take control of their power bill instead of waiting until the end of the month!

- The hardware installation is easy. You don't have to tamper or cut power lines to get a measurement of 'true power'. True power is what power companies charge for as opposed to 'current flow' which is what most low cost power monitors on the market can only measure.

- By reducing your power demand, you'll be doing your part to reduce global climate change and help protect our environment.

Check-It Monitoring Solutions Inc. can help property owners take control of their power consumption and contribute to making the world a greener place. For more information visit our web sites at

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