January 29, 2012 19:00 ET

Check Motorcycle Tyres as Riders Could Be Breaking the Law Warns Swinton Bikes

MANCHESTER, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Jan. 29, 2012) - Swinton Bikes, the UK's leading retailer of motorbike insurance, is encouraging motorcyclists to check for worn tyres as it could be a possible danger on the roads.

Motorcyclists are being warned to ensure tyres are at legal requirement as they could face a fine, points on their licence or possibly their bike insurance being invalid. Riding with worn tyres can be potentially dangerous and could affect other road users which may lead to accidents.

A recent survey commissioned by Swinton Bikes revealed that a staggering one in seven motorcyclists rarely check their tyres. 4% surveyed admitted to never checking the tyres since the bike was purchased and 2% of motorcyclist failed an MOT due to bald tyres.

Swinton Bikes is offering the following advice:

  • Check the tyre for bulges, lumps or tears
  • Ensure tread depth is at the legal requirement of 1.6mm with 75% of width
  • Tyre cuts must not be in excess of 25mm
  • Always check the tyre pressure as this can have an effect on motorcycle performance and cause the tyre to overheat which could cause internal damage
  • Tyres should be checked every week when the wheels are cold
  • Never use a tyre over six years old

Anthony Aronin, Head of Swinton Bikes said, "It's essential that motorcyclists check the wear and tear of their tyres. It could be dangerous if these checks are not put into place and riders could risk facing a fine, points on their licence or there's a possibility of some invalidating motorcycle insurance. Riding with worn tyres that not meet Government requirements is illegal, so ensure your bike is maintained."

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