Cheer Sport Sharks

October 02, 2012 18:00 ET

Cheer Sport Sharks "Destined for Success"

Pieces of Time: The Development of Sharks Canadian Cheerleading

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 2, 2012) - Cheer Sport Sharks, owned and managed by Alison Moffat and Alana Potter, has brought Canadian Cheerleading to new heights over the past 10 years. Their success has led to a revolution in the sport of competitive cheerleading.

Ten years ago, Cheer Sport Sharks Competitive Cheerleading started with a small group of 35 athletes meeting once a week. Within 5 years they had relocated three times to expand their cheer gym size, in order to accommodate the constantly increasing number of athletes within the organization. Training once a week soon turned into a 7-days a week operation, attracting 550 Cheer Sport Sharks cheerleaders who trained to an award winning competitive level.

Today Cheer Sport Sharks has reached a milestone. After 10 years of dedication and hard work, Cheer Sport Sharks has surpassed many expectations. Currently, there are 3 cheer gyms that reach out to many communities, including their recently opened Cambridge Cheer Gym Facility. Many competitive cheerleading athletes dream of being part of the Cheer Sport Sharks and by expanding in Cambridge, Ancaster, and Ottawa these dreams have come true.

All Star Competitive Cheerleading

Success for the Sharks has not come easy. Canadian competitive cheerleading has become a world-renowned sport and with each year that passes the standard of skill is raised. Coaches and cheerleaders must work harder each year to stay on top. Alana Potter, co-owner of Cheer Sport Sharks, states, "Every year our teams are better and stronger. Each year we are setting a new standard of what competitive cheerleading is all about."

The greatest asset Cheer Sport Sharks has is the passion and commitment the Cheer Sport Sharks cheerleading coaches and athletes have for the sport. Each day athletes show up at the gym ready and motivated to work towards achieving personal and team goals. To be on a team with up to 30 other athletes and grow with them through every heartbreak and success creates a special bond. With that bond and the love for cheerleading, together they shine as one.

The Road of Success for Recreational and Competitive Cheerleading

What is in the future for the Sharks? Cheer Sport Sharks will continue to strive to meet the needs of all recreational and competitive cheerleading athletes. Not only will they remain dedicated to supporting cheer teams and communities, they will continue to work to seek innovative ideas and offer the ultimate cheer experience for all athletes. Cheer Sport Sharks has provided and will continue to provide state-of-the-art cheer gym facilities with premier fun and competitive cheerleading classes and training to cheerleader athletes. Cheer Sport Sharks will continue to work hard to remain the top cheer gym in all of Canada. If you are interested in joining the Cheer Sport Sharks community, locations across Ontario are currently accepting all skill levels. Become a Cheer Sport Cheerleader today!

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