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February 08, 2012 10:36 ET

Cheetah Technologies' New V-Factor Source Monitor Adds Processing Power and Energy Efficiency

Updated Video Monitor Analyzes Network at Six Times the Density Than Previous Models

PITTSBURGH, PA--(Marketwire - Feb 8, 2012) - Cheetah Technologies, a carrier class, systems management solutions developer for broadband service providers, today officially announced the release of V-Factor Source Monitor (SM) 150. The latest edition of V-Factor SM can now process and monitor six times more on the network than previous versions, allowing cable operators to analyze up to 12 HDTV channels at one time.

V-Factor SM ideally automates tasks which previously relied solely on human observation -- such as video equipment qualification or competitive analysis between existing video services. The increased processing density of V-Factor SM 150 not only offers service providers a better view of the network, but enables an energy efficient monitoring solution. With its ability to view more channels at once, the energy used on the network is significantly decreased.

"V-Factor technology is a hybrid between deep packet inspection (DPI) and deep content inspection (DCI), which Cheetah believes is essential to ensuring accurate root cause analysis for video service providers," stated Steve Day, SVP Marketing and Strategic Planning, Cheetah Technologies. "However, monitoring video streams with this level of detail has never been trivial. Our former product line analysis capability was two HDTV channels per appliance due to the complexities of reviewing every pixel of the video stream in real time."

What is important about the SM-150 product line's six times density breakthrough, is that it enables operators to efficiently monitor video ingest on hundreds of critical video streams without taking up racks of space and massive power requirements. Twelve HDTV streams in a 1RU unit is only a starting point to additional energy efficiency and the ability to make smarter decisions.

"As we continue to improve density and reduce cost, it will create a continuum towards true digital video monitoring, anywhere," stated Day. "This improvement is attributed to continued software optimization and Intel processor improvements."

"With the latest release of this new quality of service and quality of experience technology, Cheetah is demonstrating that DPI and DCI can move deeper into managed video distribution without sacrificing its perceptual metric monitoring strength," said Gary Schultz, President, Founder, MRG, Inc. "This is an important example of a scalable product that drives video monitoring closer and closer to the consumer while adapting to the explosive growth of HD."

Cheetah Technologies is already working on next generation density improvements that will be an ongoing part of the product development for V-Factor Source Monitor, with the goal of making its core technology simply a service delivery platform (SDP) application that can be a part of both video operations and customer service workflows. Currently in the initial stages of deployment at a major MSO, Cheetah's full V-Factor suite gives service providers the tools to detect, isolate and troubleshoot video issues on the network by providing measurements and indicators on how video content actually appears to viewers.

"The competitive landscape for service providers is incredibly fierce and a high quality of experience is now a must have for any subscriber," said Jeremy Bennington, SVP of Strategic Development at Cheetah Technologies. "With Cheetah Technologies V-Factor, service providers and content developers will be empowered to manage the quality of experience, monitor the network in real-time and understand how its subscribers receive video content."

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Cheetah Technologies LP is a carrier class, systems management solutions developer supplying "quality of service" management systems to broadband network providers and "quality of experience" management systems to video service providers. Cheetah corporate offices are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Cheetah sells products and services globally, and enjoys partnerships with many of the major broadband technology corporations throughout the World.

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