Chemaphor Inc.

Chemaphor Inc.

June 14, 2010 08:00 ET

Chemaphor Announces Oximunol™ Chewables Development Update

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA--(Marketwire - June 14, 2010) - Chemaphor (TSX VENTURE:CFR) announced today that it has completed its internal clinical development program of its Oximunol™ Chewables, a proprietary natural health enhancer for dogs. The program included the assessment of product efficacy through a blinded placebo-controlled field study in dogs, a determination of mode of action via the conduct of in vitro and in vivo studies, a determination of product safety in a controlled target animal safety study, and the confirmation of product palatability, including a comparison with a standard animal health product positive control. The results of these multiple studies clearly demonstrated that Oximunol™ Chewables are highly palatable and that in the first pilot clinical trial they significantly improved the coat quality and reduced shedding. In addition, treated dogs showed a tendency to increased enjoyment of walks and there were, no adverse effects observed in the safety study.

With the completion of this milestone, Chemaphor is targeting product introduction in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Oximunol™ Chewables are in a class of natural nutritional supplements, which is not regulated in Canada or the USA. In the USA voluntary regulation is through the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). Chemaphor is a member of NASC and by complying with the NASC requirements and standards Oximunol™ Chewables will carry the NASC Quality Seal. Chemaphor will adhere to the same standards in Canada and Mexico.

Dr Paul Dick, CEO of Chemaphor, indicated that "the completion of this development milestone represents a significant accomplishment which strategically positions the company to move to commercialization".

About Oximunol Chewables

Oximunol™ Chewables contain OxC-ß, a proprietary mixture of carotenoid oxidation products. Oxidized derivatives of carotenoids occur extensively in the plant world in minute amounts and, as such, are a natural part of the diet. OxC-ß is obtained via the spontaneous, full oxidation of ß-carotene. Uses for OxC-ß and other oxidized carotenoid products are protected by patents owned by Chemaphor in multiple jurisdictions. Additionally, Chemaphor has filed patent applications directed to products containing OxC-ß and its use for enhancing and maintaining the wellness of companion animals.

About Chemaphor

Chemaphor is a wellness company that is committed to developing and delivering natural health enhancer ("NHE") products to humans and animals to assist in optimizing health and daily quality of life. Chemaphor is advancing NHE product candidates for the food animal market, companion animal market and various, potential human applications. More information can be found at

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