Chemaphor Inc.

Chemaphor Inc.

February 01, 2010 16:00 ET

Chemaphor Announces Positive Results of Pilot Canine Clinical Trial of an Oximunol™ Supplement

OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Feb. 1, 2010) - Chemaphor (TSX VENTURE:CFR), a biotechnology company specializing in the development of health products for enhancing and maintaining the wellness of animals, is pleased to announce it has completed its first clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of an oral Oximunol™ supplement in promoting overall health and well-being of companion canines. The clinical trial, conducted by the Chemaphor Nutrisciences Research Group in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, found statistically significant improvement of coat quality and reduction of shedding compared to untreated controls. In addition, treated dogs showed a tendency to increased enjoyment of walks.

The study consisted of a blinded, randomized clinical trial involving forty six dogs recruited from the public. The animals were randomly assigned to receive either the Oximunol™ supplement (0.5 mg/kg body weight) or a placebo once daily over a period of six months. The Oximunol™ supplement's potential benefit to canine wellness was assessed by analyzing owner responses to standardized questions regarding the health status of their pets before and after the supplement period. A full report of the study is being prepared for submission for publication in a peer-reviewed journal.

With these positive results and the absence of any negative effects upon the animals, Chemaphor is proceeding with additional clinical efficacy studies, financially supported by an NRC IRAP grant, that are designed to further define the Oximunol™ supplement's animal wellness benefits. At the same time, Chemaphor is moving forward in executing its commercialization plan for the launch of companion animal wellness products, including outsourcing the manufacture of canine oral supplements and carrying out work to have the Oximunol™ supplement meet global regulatory and animal health partner needs. Discussions are underway with potential marketing, sales and distribution partners to position Oximunol™ supplements as premium-value products targeted towards veterinary and "pet boutique" sales channels.

"The successful outcome of the pilot trial, achieved with a low level of supplementation, is an exciting first milestone in our companion animal commercialization project announced in August 2009" said Dr. Paul Dick, CEO of Chemaphor. "The in vivo results in the dogs support in a very practical way the in vitro laboratory findings of the Oximunol™ supplement's effects upon immune function, consistent with the Oximunol™ supplement "lending a helping hand" in maintaining and enhancing animal health. This achievement provides major impetus to the launch of our first companion animal wellness product within a year."

About the Oximunol™ Supplement

The Oximunol™ supplement is a proprietary mixture containing compounds found naturally in the plant world in minute amounts as oxidized derivatives of carotenoids. The supplement is obtained via the spontaneous, full oxidation of beta-carotene. Uses for the Oximunol™ supplement and other oxidized carotenoid products are protected by patents owned by Chemaphor in multiple jurisdictions. Additionally, Chemaphor has filed patent applications directed to products containing the Oximunol™ supplement and their use for enhancing and maintaining the wellness of companion animals.

About Chemaphor

Chemaphor Inc. ( is a research and development company working in collaboration with strategic partners to develop its platform of carotenoid-derived oxidation compounds for commercialization at micronutrient-like levels in products for global markets, focusing primarily on animal wellness, including non-antibiotic feed additives for terrestrial and aquatic species, and food supplements for companion animals.

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