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January 26, 2012 10:15 ET

Chesapeake Chiropractor Launches New Website

CHESAPEAKE, VA--(Marketwire - Jan 26, 2012) - Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation announced the launch of the practice's new website, The new website is designed to expand access to educational resources, helping prospective patients learn more about the practice's commitment to whole body wellness and natural pain management. New website features include the 'Community Content' wellness library, blog and 3D Spine Simulator. The practice serves the Chesapeake community, including residents in the 23320 zip code.

Chesapeake chiropractors Dr. Eric C. Santjer and Dr. Suzanne M. Santjer announced that their practice Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, has launched its newly redesigned website, The redesigned site includes new features to educate patients about the benefits of adjustments, massage, corrective exercises and nutrition counseling.

"At our practice, our goal is to help patients manage pain and get healthy for life," said Dr. Eric Santjer. "Many individuals do not realize there are real alternatives to prescription medications and surgery. Our new website is an important part of our mission to educate patients about effective, all-natural treatments and proper nutrition. We are excited to offer Chesapeake chiropractic care patients access to important wellness information any time of the day or night."

The new website includes a 'Community Content' wellness library, which features articles on the science behind adjustments and natural pain management. These articles are designed to help patients become familiar with different treatments and learn more about alternatives to prescription medications.

"The 'Community Content' articles are a natural starting point for anyone who is new to spinal adjustments," said Dr. Suzanne Santjer. "These articles explain how our treatments work by addressing the underlying cause for pain."

The website also features an interactive 3D Spine Simulator, which allows patients to see how a single misaligned vertebra can impact neighboring nerves, leading to chronic pain.

"We are really excited to launch the 3D Spine Simulator," said Dr. Eric Santjer. "It's a great tool for helping patients visualize why their bodies are experiencing pain. A single herniated disc, for example, can compress nearby nerves, leading to chronic pain. The 3D Spine Simulator shows how this happens and how adjustments relieve pressure, providing long-term pain management."

In addition to traditional adjustments, the practice also offers the Activator Method. This low-force treatment uses instruments to precisely identify misalignments in the body.

"Many individuals associate a visit to the chiropractor with a 'pop and crack' in the back," said Dr. Suzanne Santjer. "However, many of our techniques are extremely gentle and offer even greater benefits that the traditional adjustments. The new website is designed to help patients learn more about these treatments, how they can help everything from whiplash injuries and low back pain to a pinched nerve or herniated disc."

The new website also includes a blog that both chiropractors regularly update, posting wellness news articles and information about different treatments.

"Our goal is to create an on-going conversation with our patients," said Dr. Eric Santjer. "Wellness is more than the occasional visit to the chiropractor. From proper nutrition to exercise, we want to help our patients live active, healthy lives."

Prospective patients may schedule an appointment by using the online appointment request form on the website at

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