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October 30, 2015 19:55 ET

Chicago Bankruptcy Lawyer Richard Fonfrias Adds New Trademark Law Articles to Website

Providing helpful information on a wide range of legal and financial help topics, noted Chicago bankruptcy attorney and financial rescue specialist Richard Fonfrias of the Fonfrias Law Group, LLC, has added to his website three new articles on the topic of trademark law

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS--(Marketwired - Oct. 30, 2015) - To provide the public with useful information on a host of important legal and financial topics, financial rescue specialist and Chicago bankruptcy attorney Richard G. Fonfrias, J.D., managing partner of the Fonfrias Law Group, LLC, (, has added three new articles to his Chicago law practice's website on the topic of trademark law. Each of the trademark articles covers a different aspect of trademark law and explains in simple terms what every small business owner should know about trademarks and service marks.

The article What Is a Trademark and What Does It Do is a practical guide; a virtual Trademark Law 101. It gives those with little or no knowledge of trademark law a simple explanation of what a trademark is and what purpose it serves. The article goes on to explain what kinds of trademarks can be registered, and how one goes about registering a trademark. What Is A Trademark And What Does It Do will give the reader a basic understanding of trademarks, service marks, and trademark law.

In the article 12 Trademark Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs, Fonfrias offers readers the benefit of his years of experience practicing business law in Chicago. "All too often, I have seen the problems that result from a business incorrectly registering a trademark, failing to register, or neglecting to stop the improper or illegal use of their trademark by others. Perhaps, with a little bit of knowledge, these businesses could have avoided some very costly mistakes," says Fonfrias.

The third Fonfrias trademark article, titled Trademark FAQs for Every Small Business Owner, provides the answers to eleven of the most frequently asked questions by Fonfrias' small business clients about trademarks and trademark law. It explains the differences between what is a trademark, service mark, patent, and copyright. Fonfrias answers other questions like whether hiring a trademark attorney is necessary, what fees are required when registering a trademark, how to protect your trademark rights, and more.

Fonfrias' website offers key information on a variety of legal topics and financial issues of interest to business owners, homeowners, and people struggling with debt, tax problems, and those in serious financial trouble. Articles on the website cover such topics as bankruptcy, foreclosure, the IRS, and debt management strategies. As well as providing the public with free information on his website, Richard Fonfrias has hosted radio shows, given free informational seminars, and published a book to help people control personal debt and build wealth. "It is important for people to know the facts. That's why my website contains so much information. I have seen hundreds of clients in my Chicago law office over the years who have gotten into trouble due to their lack of knowledge or because they had received bad advice or misinformation. I believe everyone should have access to good information, to make informed choices and know when it is time to get professional legal help," explains Fonfrias.

About Fonfrias Law Group: Respected Chicago lawyer, Richard Fonfrias of the Fonfrias Law Group, has earned a solid reputation working with small business clients and helping people in debt solve their money problems. The Fonfrias Law Group, Chicago's experienced legal team, provides a wide range of financial and small business legal services that include trademark registration, tax defense, bankruptcy help, debt consolidation, debt management, foreclosure defense, bad credit repair, loan and mortgage refinancing advice. Ready to assist consumers and businesses in serious financial trouble, Richard Fonfrias invites your questions about trademarks, bankruptcy in Illinois, foreclosure, consumer debt, tax liens or other legal concerns. For a complimentary initial consultation with Rich, call 312-969-0730 or inquire online

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