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August 21, 2013 20:40 ET

Chicago Couple Appear on Reality TV With Desire to Break Gender and Cultural Barriers

Chicago Multi-Generational Soul Mates Are on a Worldly Mission to Improve Relationships, Fade Stereotypes and Expectations, and Empower Lives

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Aug 21, 2013) - Chicagoan couple, Desmond Huey, 26, and Sheri Winkelmann, 50, are multi-generational soul mates on a mission to break barriers and help others live life to the fullest regardless of gender, age, or heritage. They opened up about their modern relationship on TLC's "Extreme Cougar Wives", airing Wednesday, August 21 at 8:30pm CST.

"I enjoy uplifting people. I believe an empowered woman is a woman who lives life on her own terms, regardless of her age or gender," said the savvy Winkelmann.

Winkelmann also empowers women through her speaking engagements, talking on "Finding and building self-esteem in a man's world", "How to communicate with men", and to women's business groups on "How women should empower themselves as equals to get what they want."

With her entertainment production company, Wink Productions, she performs and produces at conferences and events worldwide. This multi-talented professional does it all, director, choreographer, actress, writer, impersonator, improvisation artist, now a playwright and aspiring author. Not surprising her first play is a romantic drama, produced by Silk Road Rising, which tell stories primarily through Asian and Middle Eastern views. A staged reading for her play is set February, 2014.

In his own right Desmond is an up-and-comer. This multi-talented professional is an actor, writer, speaker, and music producer. It is Huey's mission to help men be in tuned with their masculine core which he says is being a true gentleman. He helps men do this flawlessly.

"I help men become more comfortable with who they truly are, to be themselves and (accept that) giving is part of human nature, and get to their true core, despite of what TV and society says," he said. "I want to bring awareness to sexism, racism, etc. so we can co-exist and love (life and people). Just try to create more love in this world and see each other on equal plane," explains Huey. 

The dynamic couple's worldly mission is to break down cultural, race, or ethnic barriers, not only help couples, but help people respect each other's differences, and empower people to live life to the fullest. This is just what the world needs right now.

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About Sheri Winkelmann
Sheri Winkelmann is an Equity stage actor who has produced and performed in national and international productions for the past 25 years. This do-it-all Chicagoan is a speaker, playwright, producer, choreographer, actor, and is one-of-the-world's most sought after Marilyn Monroe and Connie Francis tribute artists. She's worked and trained with Tony award winner, Randall Duk Kim, Shakespeare and Company in Massachusetts, The Globe Theater in London, and many other great artists in her endeavors to pursue performance excellence and facilitate cross-cultural collaborations. Her company, Wink Productions, has produced the Grammy award-winning musicals CHICAGO, Oklahoma!, and Aladdin, among others, film and dance festivals. Winkelmann has showcased her comedy talents coast to coast. Her first play will be produced by Silk Road Rising in a staged reading in Chicago February, 2014.

Winkelmann also speaks to women about self-esteem and getting ahead in a man's world. Her goal is to share, educate, inspire, and raise the global consciousness for women. She speaks about: communicating with a man, the Divine Feminine and women's great heritage, and women equality. For more information on Sheri Winkelmann visit

About Desmond Huey
In his own right Desmond is a major up-and-comer. Desmond Huey, a multi-talented young professional, is an actor, writer, speaker, and music producer. It is Huey's mission to break barriers to help men become more in tune with their masculine core which he says is being a true gentleman. He helps men do this flawlessly, to be at ease with their true self and co-exist peacefully with one another despite race, gender, and ethnicity. Desmond interned at Pressure Point Recording Studios, and then created his company, D-Compose Productions. D-Compose Productions created and produced hits for artist Kentrell, which helped launch his career with Jive Records, and later facilitated a deal for Kentrell to get signed by M3Z Entertainment Company which is owned by NBA Superstar, Dwayne Wade. D-Compose Productions has also created commercial jingles, and produced live performances. As an actor, Desmond has appeared on television series such as Chicago's own, "Boss" starring Kelsey Grammer and "The Mob Doctor" starring Jordana Spiro. He also works on websites, and does corporate industrial and voice over work. For more information on Desmond Huey visit

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