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June 09, 2009 14:14 ET

Chicago Nightclub Block Thrives During Economic Downturn

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - June 9, 2009) - Sound-Bar. Y. Crescendo. Sound familiar? You've probably seen these three Sound-Bar Group Chicago nightclubs simultaneously because they happen to share the same block near Franklin and Ontario. It is no surprise that as more consumers become penny-wise with the recession, the Chicago nightclub and upscale lounge industries have lost significant revenue dollars. However, the Sound-Bar Group Director of Operations, Rainer Zach, appears less shaken.

Averaging six thousand patrons on a weekly basis, the Sound-Bar Group "nightclub block" has continued to show encouraging sales. Compared to last year, customer volume has increased by 15%. After interviewing with the Director of Operations, we were able to uncover how consumer behavior has perpetuated the block's success.

Zach explains, "Consumers don't want to take a chance and drive, valet their cars and pay the cover charge at a venue unless they know there will be enough people to make it a 'good party.' They are going with what they perceive as the safe bet." Thus, as less popular nightclubs are forced to adopt a fiercer competitive nature, Sound-Bar, Y, and Crescendo have continued to keep their doors open by channeling one goal: to create a superb experience for the consumer.

Similarly, consumer behavior inside these Chicago dance clubs has played an equally important role to the Sound-Bar block's success. Per person check averages have recently decreased by 15% to 20%, and many of Sound-Bar Group's big spenders rarely rack up such a hefty check as they had in years passed. Nevertheless, the block's premium imported Vodka enthusiasts have simply traded in their bottle service for a stool at one of Sound-Bar Group's many visually charming cocktail bars.

In short, Chicago's freshly turned frugal nightclub goers have become wiser investors when spending their drinking dollar. More successful venues are noticing an increase in consumer traffic, while clubs of lesser popularity are baffled by business slowly diminishing. After being introduced to the versatile and rewarding array of Sound-Bar Group's "nightclub block," casual visitors have now become loyal patrons. Meanwhile, lesser known nightclubs will scrounge to recreate an equally superb experience with desperate facades. Ultimately, some will be forced to shut their doors.

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