March 27, 2011 13:32 ET

Chicago Startup Combats the Evils of Logo Design Crowdsourcing

Logolance Provides a Solution in an Industry Ablaze With Controversy

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - March 27, 2011) - In the span of several years, design crowdsourcing has grown from a fringe new offering to a divisive and powerful beast. The advent of new "spec-based" logo design websites coincided perfectly with the recession, and allowed cost-cutting startups to find legions of cash-strapped designers willing to work for free at the prospect of possibly being paid. This practice would soon draw the ire of many within the design community and ignite a debate in morality, professionalism, and the future of the industry. 

While the debate rages, a web startup called Logolance seeks to reconcile the successes and failures of design crowdsourcing to present a new and improved model to connect businesses to freelance logo designers., which launches publicly on March 28, 2011, provides a service that allows clients to mimic the logo design process typically used in the real world by fortune 500 companies. Through the website, clients can prepare an RFP (Request for Proposal), review portfolios, and hire several different freelance designers to complete logo design concepts for their project.

Clients enjoy the creativity and flexibility of working with multiple designers without sacrificing quality or privacy. Designers are pleased to learn that Logolance is not a crowdsourcing website: designers are never asked to complete spec-work, the relationship between client and designer is direct and private, and designers are given the power to control and negotiate their intellectual property.

"Our goal is to connect uncompromising companies with the world's best freelance logo designers," said Michael Siegler, Founder of Logolance. "Great designers don't work for free. Crowdsourcing and spec-work are not going away, but now we provide a better option for successful businesses that are serious about their identity."

Logolance has received positive early response from many within the design community, with numerous award-winning designers on board. Visit Logolance at

About is where the world's top companies source, manage, and complete logo design projects. The website helps successful businesses connect with talented freelance brand and identity designers. The core offering at Logolance includes a market research module that allows clients to collect the data they need to make strategic and informed decisions about their brand.

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