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June 20, 2013 16:20 ET

Chickens Smarter Than Toddlers? New Study Released This Week

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 20, 2013) - A new academic study released in the U.K. this week has dispelled one of history's oldest myths about being a bird-brain, revealing that chickens are far higher up the intellectual pecking order than previously thought, and in fact possess mental skills that are superior to toddlers.

Commissioned by the happy egg co. to reveal the many hidden depths of hens, the study found that chickens have the capacity to outperform young children when it comes to numeracy and logic. They also exercise greater self control and choose to delay a reward for a better one -- a recognized sign of higher intelligence.

Using the findings, the happy egg co. will enhance the outdoor play areas for its Free Range hens on its farms. Setting the gold standard for happy hens, the happy egg co. provides its hens, or "Girls," with daily access to four acres of pasture to roam, plenty of clean water and nutritional feed, and extra care from expert family farmers. With animal welfare at its core, the happy egg co. is recognized by Certified Humane, a third-party animal welfare certification program that covers everything from a hen's living conditions to their feed, and the expertise of their caregivers.

"As parents, we look for the best environments for our children to develop optimal social and physical skills. For the happy egg co., the same applies to our hens," said Rob Newell, Chief Marketing Officer. "We are committed to providing our hens with the best living conditions that ensure they are happy hens so they can lay happy eggs."

Packaged in a distinctive sunshine-yellow carton, Free Range eggs from the happy egg co. add a ray of sunshine to the egg case. Big pillars inside of the carton lovingly cradle and protect the eggs, the same way a mother hen protects her chicks. 

For more information about Free Range eggs from the happy egg co., please visit, or cluck alongside the Girls at or @happyeggcousa.

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