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China-Based Global Leader in Visual Technology SuperD Launches World's First Full Display Mode Smartphone, the SuperD D1

SHANGHAI, CHINA --(Marketwired - September 06, 2016) - Shenzhen-based technology company SuperD hosted a conference announcing the launch of the world's First Full Display Mode Smartphone, the SuperD D1, in Beijing, on September 5th, 2016. The conference also served as the formal announcement of SuperD's entry into the mobile phone market. Several other new products, including the SuperD VR ZERO Helmet and SuperD VR ONE were also announced at the conference. Olympic Men's Doubles badminton champions Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan joined invited guests from the mobile phone industry and from mainstream media organizations at the conference, where they witnessed what was expected to be seen as an historic and revolutionary event taking place across the mobile phone sector, while getting an opportunity to experience the world's first full display mobile phone.

SuperD's CEO Michael Hsu

SuperD is a world-leading technology company that has developed a deep and substantial knowledge base within its area of expertise, and works closely with many of the world's top brands and producers in the electronics, digital display and videogame industries. Breaking into the mobile phone sector is not an impulsive move on the part of SuperD, but a calculated, transformative move after years of preparation and building up expertise and skillsets in the right areas.

The new products released at the conference are transformative in that they have delivered unprecedented experiences to both professionals as well as casual visitors who are frequent attendees at new mobile phone launch events. The guests had a chance to personally experience the new series of products from SuperD, including never before seen advanced technologies and features such as the full display functionality that allowed seamless switching among 2D, 3D and VR modes, an extraordinary glasses-free 3D screen, 3D/VR motion-sensing vision chips and eye-tracking cameras, features that garnered high praise from all guests.

SuperD D1: First Full Display Mode Smartphone

The SuperD D1 is the first to deploy the innovative concept of a full display mode mobile phone. With the ability to seamlessly switch between 2D, 3D and VR modes while holding the phone with just one hand, users have the unparalleled experience of full immersion into a 3D world. With the glasses-free raster 3D LCD screen developed by SuperD, users can experience the full immersive effect of 3D and VR without the need for inconvenient eyewear. This revolutionary experience was made possible through a combination of the latest in VR technology and smart headgear resulting in an end-to-end solution that brought together a VR chip, an exclusive VR platform and a customized VR helmet. The innovation in creating the solution took place when the SuperD VR motion-sensing vision chip was added to the preconfigured GPU of a traditional cell phone, which served to enhance the rendering speed of the 3D and VR images through the integration of the 3D/VR algorithm, fully resolving the issue of the slow calculation that took place when reproducing complex images, reducing image latency to an absolute minimum and allowing for the creation of corresponding body sensation, resulting in the display of clear and precise images. Moreover, the technology in the SuperD D1 camera goes beyond the rear dual camera technology applied to traditional smartphones, by deploying a front dual camera, with one of the cameras recording the images and the other tracking the exact position of the user's eyes, allowing for the customizing and simultaneous generation of the visual images based on the precise position of the eyes and the interpupillary distance (IPD, or precise distance between the centers of the user's two pupils). No matter which way and in which direction the user moves, a comfortable and clear 3D visual sensation will be delivered throughout the experience.

The world's first full display mobile phone, the SuperD D1

SuperD VR ZERO Helmet

The SuperD VR ZERO Helmet creates the image from any new visual angle or perspective within one second of any movement of the users body or head, with each image reproduced in full, precise, panoramic detail, fully satisfying the expectations of what the world is waiting for when it comes to VR and VR experiences. The SuperD VR ZERO Helmet misses no detail, delivering a complete, immersive experience!


The VR ONE is a micro display digital light mapping VR technology. SuperD took a unique approach to the application of optics and to the construction of the accompanying hardware to achieve an unparalleled visual effect within a substantially lighter and thinner device, something that none of the peer VR products have been able to achieve. Compared to other VR helmets, the SuperD VR ONE weighs less than 400g and is 30% smaller than all similar devices. The SuperD VR ONE comes equipped with an ultra HD LCD screen, with single eye PPI over 600. The algorithm that supports the software is capable of reproducing the panoramic views required by VR games and videos with a resolution up to 1080P. An exterior design based on the best that science and technology can deliver, combined with an inner design and a plethora of features straight from the most advanced technologies available today, deliver a product that is sure to perform head and shoulders above its peers in the highly competitive VR hardware field.

SuperD's new VR product : VR One

SuperD VR Content and Meidou Live TV Platforms

SuperD Technology also released the SuperD VR content and Meidou live TV platforms, both of which are capable of super huge storage of 3D and VR resources, including a massive number of 3D movies, hundreds of 3D/VR games, thousands of VR videos and numerous 3D/VR applications. Meidou Live TV has just launch a new kind of 3D/VR emcee live show platform that includes a daily update of content, with the result that Meidou has been transformed into a one-stop exclusive platform.

At the conference for the product launch, Olympic Men's Dual badminton champions Fu Haifeng and Zhang Nan joined SuperD CEO Xu Peizhen in announcing that the new series of SuperD products will start crowd-funding on, effective immediately. "Today I have the honor of seeing the SuperD full display mobile phone and it is amazing! It is an incredible amount of fun! I never knew cell phones could be used in this way!" Olympic champion Fu Haifeng highly praised SuperD's new products.

After more than a decade focusing on the research and development of visual display technology, SuperD has moved the strategic focus from the former B2B model to a B2C business model. Senior management of SuperD revealed that the company plans to apply the advantages of VR and 3D technologies to a wide array of consumer products and services encompassing mobile hardware, games, movies, TV and live broadcast events, offering users a brand new visual experience and form of entertainment, at the same time creating a closed-loop ecology which simultaneously includes the development of hardware, software and content based on technological innovation. These past and future achievements are the result of SuperD's years of dedication to bringing new technology that delivers fun experiences in terms of entertainment to consumers. It has been a thrilling journey into the unknown for SuperD, and, with the release of the SuperD D1 full display mobile phone, the company has succeeded in moving the world beyond the era of traditional smartphones. In the near future, SuperD Technology expects to keep delivering an uninterrupted continuum of unprecedented experiences to users as a result of leveraging advances in visual display technology. Changing life with technology, as well as making the latest advances in technology available to one and all, is a goal worth pursuing.

The SuperD D1 full display mobile phone will be available for ordering from September 12th simultaneously on and SuperD's official website ( The price is RMB1199 and formal availability will commence on September 22nd.

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