May 15, 2008 13:02 ET

China Changes Visa Rules for Third Time in Two Weeks; CIBT, Inc. Advises Travelers: "Don't Try This on Your Own"

MCLEAN, VA--(Marketwire - May 15, 2008) - "The Chinese Government continues to make changes to visa application rules, which are now causing an increase in processing delays. Because of these procedural changes, visitors to the 2008 Olympics and business travelers are urged to use a professional expediting service," said Steve Diehl, CIBT, Inc., Vice President. CIBT, Inc. ( is the world's largest visa and passport expediter.

"Don't try to send applications directly to the Chinese Embassy or its consulates," suggested Mr. Diehl. "Travelers who go to the consulates themselves to obtain their visas on their own may not have the correct supporting materials and their applications could be rejected -- resulting in multiple return trips. Sending your application by mail is even riskier. Until recently, a Chinese visa was valid for one year and permitted multiple entries. Now, people need official invitations, flight and hotel confirmation, and in some cases bank statements and other documents to apply for a visa," Mr. Diehl continued.

"People often travel with friends from other parts of the country and share visa processing information," he said. "However, what might be acceptable at the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco may not work in New York or Miami. Finally, CIBT provides free telephone support 12 hours a day, Monday through Friday to assist concerned travelers to China. You may have difficulty reaching a live person if you call any of the Chinese Consulates since they are very busy right now given the high volume of seasonal and Olympics related applications and the recent earthquake."

Mr. Diehl concluded, "CIBT has developed a unique, comprehensive database containing all requirements necessary to enter China and over 180 other countries. Every element is updated in real-time allowing us to accommodate and adapt to the new Chinese rules with ease, ensuring that our clients always receive the most current visa application information. We continually communicate the latest changes with our clients so that no unpleasant surprises spoil once-in-a-lifetime trips like the Olympics. Travelers should think of CIBT's services as 'trip insurance.' Our clients have spent thousands of dollars on their trips to China and for a nominal fee, we can help to ensure they are able to travel successfully and on time," he said.

In addition to working with individual travelers, CIBT also delivers highly customized solutions for groups ranging from 25 to as many as 1500 people. Special visa kits include everything needed to travel to China, from application forms and instructions, to cell phone rental information and important U.S. Embassy contact information.

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