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October 04, 2011 07:00 ET

Chiropractor Announces Laser Certification for Norfolk Back Pain Relief

NORFOLK, VA--(Marketwire - Oct 4, 2011) - Norfolk Chiropractic has announced that the chiropractor and the entire staff are now Class IV laser-certified by the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications. Class IV laser therapy is a therapeutic treatment for pain management. Laser therapy may also increase the effectiveness of other chiropractic treatments by stimulating internal healing. According to the website for the practice,, the center offers non-invasive chiropractic care to relieve back and neck pain, headaches, fibromyalgia and other sources of chronic pain.

Dr. M. Scott Niblo, a chiropractor with Norfolk Chiropractic, has announced that he is certified by the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications to use a Class IV laser for natural pain relief. In addition to Dr. Niblo, the entire staff at his practice has also received certification.

"Class IV laser therapy is at the forefront of natural pain relief," said Dr. Niblo. "Not only can this therapeutic treatment relieve neck and back pain, but it can also stimulate internal healing, greatly speeding the recovery process for patients after an injury."

The Class IV laser is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for relieving muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms and pain associated with arthritis as well as promoting muscle relaxation. Hundreds of published scientific studies have demonstrated the clinical effectiveness of laser therapy.

A therapeutic laser works by transmitting light six to eight inches into the body below the skin's surface. This laser light stimulates damaged cells to produce ATP, the fuel that a damaged cell needs to repair itself.

"Laser therapy greatly accelerates the healing of injured areas, decreases inflammation and relieves pain," said Dr. Niblo. "Treating Norfolk back pain patients with laser therapy has greatly decreased recovery time following an injury, allowing my patients to quickly return to normal activities and lead active, healthy lives."

Dr. Niblo also uses Class IV laser therapy as a complementary treatment for chiropractic care, including spinal decompression treatments. This is a conservative treatment that relieves back pain and sciatica caused by disc herniation.

"I frequently recommend that my patients receive laser therapy treatment in addition to chiropractic treatments, such as decompression," said Dr. Niblo. "When cells can function normally, they can repair sick or damaged tissues. Laser therapy is essential to restoring optimal cell function, which complements natural treatments like chiropractic that restore alignment to the musculoskeletal system."

Dr. Niblo and his staff follow a whole body approach to wellness that focus on the underlying cause of an injury or sickness. They believe that treating the underlying problem is the best way to restore health.

"My goal is to optimize every patient's health through natural, conservative treatments," said Dr. Niblo. "Laser therapy has been used by the world's elite athletes for years to speed healing following an injury. I am excited to offer this important treatment to all pain patients and help give people their lives back."

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