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January 31, 2012 10:00 ET

Chiropractor Announces Nutrition Services for Frankfort Residents

FRANKFORT, IL--(Marketwire - Jan 31, 2012) - Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center announced that the practice offers nutrition response testing to help patients optimize overall health. The diagnostic test identifies the precise nutrients on the cellular level necessary for well-being. The chiropractor then uses this information to make nutritional recommendations for patients. Nutrition counseling can help patients manage weight, heal following an injury, reduce chronic pain and headaches, and enhance overall well-being. The practice also provides chiropractic care for patients healing following an auto injury or personal injury.

Frankfort chiropractor Dr. Scott Stratton announced that Advanced Chiropractic Wellness Center offers nutrition response testing. These diagnostic tests are used to determine the specific balance of nutrients necessary to optimize metabolic function at the cellular level.

"Proper nutrition is essential to a healthy body," said Dr. Stratton. "However, many patients mistakenly believe they are making healthy food choices, but are actually depriving their bodies of the very nutrients they need to thrive. Everybody is unique, which is why testing is so important. This diagnostic test tells us the exact nutrients necessary for optimizing each individual's health."

The test evaluates neurological reflexes and the health of the body's nervous system, which regulates organs, glands, joints and muscles. This non-invasive analysis provides precise feedback that can also help identify the underlying cause for chronic pain and illness.

Dr. Stratton recommends diagnostic testing for all his patients, emphasizing that it is an important part of a complete wellness plan.

"Nutrition response testing makes a tremendous difference for our patients' overall health," said Dr. Stratton. "Eating the right balance of nutrients optimizes metabolic function, meaning that our patients have more energy, feel healthier and are also decreasing their risk for long-term, chronic illnesses. Additionally, by identifying and correcting an underlying imbalance in metabolic function, we are able to help patients successfully manage chronic illness and pain, without the need for medication."

Dr. Stratton emphasized that proper nutrition is also important for helping the body heal after an injury. For example, chronic back pain and neck pain are aggravated by inflammation of the joints and tissues. According to Dr. Stratton, antioxidants found in dark berries and green, leafy vegetables fight inflammation and promote internal healing. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils can also protect joints.

"There's a wide range of essential commercially available nutrients and supplements," said Dr. Stratton. "That's why diagnostic testing is so important. Everyone has unique wellness needs -- whether it's managing chronic pain, reducing headaches or helping the body heal from an injury. Diagnostic testing allows us to determine the precise balance of nutrients, so a patient's body receives everything that it needs -- and nothing extra or unnecessary."

Dr. Stratton also provides nutritional counseling to help patients with food allergies and intolerances. According to Dr. Stratton, food intolerance can be a major contributing factor to chronic health problems, like migraine headaches. Muscle response testing, in conjunction with nutrition response testing, can identify the underlying cause for food intolerances.

"By helping patients remove the offending food from their diet, pain symptoms are reduced and treatments like spinal adjustments are more effective," said Dr. Stratton.

Individuals who wish to learn more about the nutritional services available at the Frankfort practice may visit the website at: and schedule an appointment.

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