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March 01, 2012 10:00 ET

Chiropractor Announces Successful Treatment for Lake Worth Whiplash Victims

LAKE WORTH, FL--(Marketwire - Mar 1, 2012) - Dr. Jack Cacic Chiropractic in Lake Worth, Florida announced that the practice has had great success helping auto accident victims recover from whiplash. Dr. Cacic uses natural, non-invasive treatments for back and neck pain management, including chiropractic adjustment, massage treatments and physiotherapy. His approach to whole body wellness also incorporates lifestyle and nutrition counseling to help patients not only manage pain, but optimize overall well-being. Dr. Cacic has been treating patients for auto accident injuries for over ten years.

Chiropractor Dr. Jack Cacic announced that his practice provides natural pain management to help auto accident injury victims heal. These non-invasive treatments focus on identifying and correcting the underlying cause of pain, so patients can live active, pain-free lives.

"An auto accident injury can cause serious trauma to the musculoskeletal system, leading to a misalignment of the spine," said Dr. Cacic. "When the body is out of alignment, nerve function is compromised. For example, a herniated disc may compress nearby nerves, leading to a chronic, radiating pain. Our treatments are successful because we identify the underlying cause for pain, like a herniated disc, and restore proper alignment -- rather than only skimming the surface of pain with medication."

According to Dr. Cacic, one of the most common auto accident injuries is whiplash. This occurs when the impact from a rear-end crash "whips" the neck backwards and forwards, pushing the cervical spine beyond its normal range of motion.

Lake Worth whiplash patients may experience neck pain, headaches, migraines and difficulty concentrating. They may also suffer from soreness and stiffness in the neck and shoulders, and have difficulty turning the head from side to side.

"As a chiropractor, my primary goal is to identify and correct the cause for pain," said Dr. Cacic. "Many of our patients benefit from a complementary treatment approach, which combines chiropractic care with physical therapy and massage treatments."

Physiotherapy treatments can help promote internal healing and restore movement to the body. Massage therapy can provide pain relief by releasing tension in soft tissues and muscles. These treatments can enhance the benefits of chiropractic adjustments, and according to Dr. Cacic, a combination of treatments may help patients heal faster than only spinal adjustments. Dr. Cacic also emphasizes the importance of early treatment for preventing chronic pain.

"Many accident victims are surprised to learn that even minor crashes at speeds as slow as five miles per hour can lead to long-term neck and back pain," said Dr. Cacic. "Often times, patients will not show pain symptoms until weeks or months after the accident. This is why it is so important to seek care before pain symptoms prevent you from living an active life. There's nothing worse than settling with an insurance company only to find out that neck pain and migraine headaches are interfering with your ability to work."

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