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January 22, 2012 10:00 ET

Chiropractor Created Rehabilitation Facility to Treat Oviedo Car Accident Victims

OVIEDO, FL--(Marketwire - Jan 22, 2012) - Chiropractor Dr. Eric Janowitz, who runs the Oviedo Family Chiropractic clinic along with his fellow chiropractors and staff, have designed and created an onsite rehabilitation facility to meet the needs of car accident and personal injury victims. The chiropractic clinic's advanced rehabilitation facility has both digital diagnostic equipment and several comprehensive treatment options for auto and personal injury rehabilitation patients, said the chiropractor. The clinic accepts all automobile insurance plans and works directly with insurance companies and attorneys, accepting letters of protection so that those injured in an accident can have access to the physical therapy modalities they need to recover, said the chiropractor. Dr. Janowitz further stated that, "Most auto insurance policies cover the entire medical expenses regardless of fault. Florida is a no fault state, so we encourage everyone involved in the accident, including passengers to get checked."

In regards to auto injury treatment, chiropractor Dr. Janowitz said it is important for both drivers and passengers involved in the accident, no matter how minor, to be thoroughly checked for any possible injuries. He went on to explain why accident and personal injury victims should seek chiropractic care specifically after an accident: "The insidious thing about these injuries is that a person may not feel anything wrong until days or even weeks later. By that time, neck pain, back pain, headaches, and difficulty concentrating manifest themselves, but the patient may not be able to pinpoint the cause, which may have happened weeks earlier. Our Oviedo car accident injury treatments aim to catch injuries before they cause years of pain."

Dr. Janowitz explained the clinic has a team of three experienced chiropractors, and all three collaborate on each case so that every patient has the best recovery outcome possible. The Oviedo chiropractors will also work with a team of MRI facilities, neurologists, orthopedics, and pain management facilities and will refer patients to any of the facilities if needed.

According to Dr. Janowitz, whenever a patient comes in after an accident, they use state of the art digital x-rays to locate misalignments or ligament injuries in the spine that may be pinching nerves. If necessary, they will also refer a patient out for MRIs to identify possible disc problems. After diagnosing the location and extent of the injury, the doctor says that they design an individual treatment plan for each patient that may include a combination of spinal adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, and physiotherapy exercises and stretches to help the patient recover and rehabilitate the injury. All of these treatments are offered in the Oviedo Family Chiropractic office.

Dr. Janowitz also stated that the billing staff at the clinic has over 15 years of experience, handles all insurance claims and accepts most insurance plans and letters of protection. Additionally, Dr. Janowitz noted that they have treated hundreds of auto injury patients at the clinic, have experience working directly with attorneys, and are well-versed in documenting injuries for insurance claims.

According to the chiropractor, time is of the essence in treating auto accident injuries, both for the drivers and all passengers involved. "I can't even count the number of patients who have suffered for years with back and neck pain, headaches, etc. because they were in a low-speed accident years ago and they didn't think they were injured. It is important to see a chiropractor immediately after an accident. Our advanced facility is designed to help diagnose and rehabilitate auto injuries in order to get patients back to living their lives."

The clinic accepts appointments beginning as early as 6:45 AM to as late as 6:00 PM to help accommodate the busy schedules of their patients, said the chiropractor. The clinic is open Monday through Friday. More information about auto injuries and treatments are available on the website at

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